Imperial Guard (Valnor)

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This term refers to the new special units assigned to protect the SkyMarshal and top governmental leaders, and assume responsibility for all special forces operations.

Imperial Guard
Army banner
Active 2010–present
Country Valnor
Role Special Forces
Size classified
Part of Military of Valnor
Motto Kill them all let god sort em out
Anniversaries 4 July 2006
Engagements Classified
SkyMarshal J. Hargis
Commander S. Hargis


The Imperial Guard has only been active since 2010. This new division in the armies of Valnor comes out of the need for specific units to handle special operations and the personal protection of the SkyMarshal and leaders of government. In the beginning of the Imperial Guard was only in charge of the new SkyMarshal's and Commanders protection, but new orders were given for the Imperial Guard to take control of all special operations for the entire army. With this new order the ranks of the Imperial Guard are now able to swell above the cap that was previously set. The cap was installed to ensure that these new units that have sworn loyalty to the SkyMarshal, to keep these troops numbers to a minimum, wouldn't be turned into something like the SS of Nazi Germany. Now though with this new responsibility to provide tactical support for the Confederate Legions (Valnor's army regulars) the cap has been lifted. With this cap being lifted, the worry of one man controlling troops loyal to the leader first and the country second has been eased by a new Commander position being created to head the Imperial Guard. Now a Commander will take on the task of protecting the SkyMarshal, government leaders, and assume command of special operations.

Equipped for Combat

Under the new Re-glorification Act the SkyMarshal was able to dump massive amounts of money into defense. With the new technology acquired the Imperial Guard has become a top crack division equipped with the best Valnor has to offer. This includes more tactical equipment than the army regulars have at their disposal. Along with different equipment, training, the Imperial Guard is also armed different with specialized weapons developed more for urban combat, so in relation they are armed with smaller compact weapons with smaller calibers and shotguns.


Through the wars in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan Valnor has seen the benefit of [w:Guerrilla warfare|guerrilla warfare] and have but a lot of time and effort into training in such a profile, along with special forces tactics, and unconventional warfare

Imperial Guard Commander

Unlike the Confederate Legion, Commanders have to ability to approve or deny the appointment of a new Commander to fill a void position, the Imperial Guard's Commander position is personally appointed by the SkyMarshal without vote. The Imperial Guard is the sole security force in charge of protection for the SkyMarshal, so he has the ability to appoint a person he can trust to this position.

What it takes to be a Imperial Guard
  • Be a citizen of Valnorgrad
  • Be currently enlisted in the military
  • Having served with distinction in the military
  • Having received honors for excellence
  • Sworn loyalty to the SkyMarshal
  • Having received acceptance and personal appointment of the SkyMarshal