Imperial Guard (Sonora)

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Imperial Guard
Guardia Imperial (Spanish)
Custodie Imperium (Latin)
Established 6 December 2017
Country Sonora
Service Branches Imperial Armed Police
Previous engagements None
Current engagements None
Sovereign Commanders HIRM Emperor Titus II and HIRM Empress Amy Augusta
Field Marshal (Magister Militum) Gaius Marcus Antonius Olsen
Regional Commanders Baron Sir Thomas Wilde (California)
Gaius Jacksonius Eugenus (Oregonia)
Sir Edward Morton (Utah)
General information
Headquarters Columbia
Regional: Yulyul (California)
Willamette (Oregonia)
Salt Lake (Utah)
Active personnel Unknown

The Imperial Guard is the official armed forces of the Pacific Roman Empire of Sonora. It is trained in in land and naval operations as well as special operations as a defense force militia. It is tasked with the National defense and border security of the Empire. It is the first response unit to be deployed in times of war or humanitarian need. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense and oversees the police wing, the Imperial Armed Police.