Imperial Armed Police (Sonora)

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Imperial Armed Police
Policía Armada Imperial
Armati Aliquam Imperatoria
Established 6 December 2017
Country Sonora
Previous engagements None
Current engagements None
Crown Marshals HIRM Emperor Titus II and HIRM Empress Amy Augusta
General Gaius Marcus Antonius Olsen
Regional Commanders Sir Edward Morton (Utah Governorate)
Gaius Jacksonius Eugenus (Oregonia)
Baron Thomas Wilde (California)
General information
Headquarters Columbia
Yulyul (California)
Willamette (Oregonia)
Salt Lake (Utah Governorate)
Active personnel Unknown

The Imperial Armed Police are the paramilitary wing of the Imperial Guard responsible for civil defense and policing. As such they are funded and overseen by the Imperial Guard itself who is under the authority of the Ministry of Defense. The primary duties of the Armed Police are to detect, observe, report, and prevent crime. In the event the law is broken, they act as a gendamerie with the power to arrest and prosecute tho the power to try and convict falls under the authority of the Imperial Senate and the Constitutional Court. In the event of total war, the Armed Police act as a reserve militia and can be deployed as a last line of defense. As such, service starts in the Imperial Guard with training in special operations, land and naval training, and national defense force training before being assigned to the Police division. Once there they receive further training in law and the constitution.