Imperial Chancellor of Eniarku

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Imperial Chancellor of Eniarku
Mason Horn
Residence private information
Term length At the Emperor's discretion
Inaugural holder Mason Horn
Formation May 18, 2011
Website None

The Imperial Chancellor of Eniarku , often referred to simply as the Imperial Chancellor, is the highest elected political position in the Empire of Eniarku. There are only two ways of obtaining the office. 1.) Appointment by the Emperor; 2.) A parliament-called election, through which the people then democratically elect a candidate into office.

The Imperial Chancellor is the Chairman of the Imperial Council of Eniarku, and is one of the few members of the Imperial Government that is allowed direct contact with the Emperor. He or she also receives one tie-breaking vote (if necessary) for the passage/veto of a bill passed by the Imperial Duma.

List of Imperial Chancellors

# Name Term start Term end Political Party
1 Mason Horn May 18, 2011 Incumbent None (as of May 28, 2011)
First Imperial Chancellor of Eniarku. Acted as head of government in Eniarku's previous incarnations, both as Premier of Eniarku and Prime Minister of the Republic of Eniarku.