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The Intermicronational Broadcasting Organization, or IBO for short, is a micronational organization dedicated to make micronational media accessible to people of other micronations and to host events which pertain to all micronations which have ratified the following charter.

  • The action of “ratification,” or “ratifying,” is recognized as to sign or give formal consent (a treaty, contract, or agreement), making it valid.

Any micronation which ratifies this charter is automatically a part of the IBO and will be given full member status. Any micronation which does not want to ratify the charter is still welcome to join the IBO under observer status.

  • Full member status is recognized as being able to participate in discussion within the IBO, and present new ideas and events alongside that.
  • Observer status is recognized as being unable to participate in discussion without the IBO; unable to present new ideas and events, but able to vote on propositions within the IBO.

This charter guarantees media be accessible to all micronations. Thus, any (broadcast) media must ratify the charter alongside the micronation of its origin, but that media must have approval from the micronation from its origin. A micronation may have multiple media sources as part of the IBO and is encouraged for micronations to be selective of the media they wish to present into the IBO.

  • Media, in this case, is recognized as the distribution of audio/video content to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communications medium.

As part of the IBO, any media can be in the form of the following but is not limited to:

  • YouTube channel
  • Podcast
  • Their own websites

Propositions by IBO members must be accepted by the committee via a vote. Votes are decided by “majority wins,” meaning that more than 50% of all voters agree to the conditions of the vote.

If more than 50% of the voters agree, then the proposition shall pass and whatever was requested by the proposition will be instated. If more than 50% of the voters disagree, then the proposition will be denied by the IBO and has potential to try again, but only if accepted by the Chancellor or the Deputy Chancellor. If there is a tie, then the

Chancellor/Deputy Chancellor shall resolve the dispute.

Only micronations can intermingle with the IBO. Broadcasters have no power and authority to do so and are instructed to comply under their country of origin.

Any disputes regarding broadcast will be settled by the IBO.

You can be automatically exiled from the IBO if at least one of the following occurs:

  • Pornographic content
  • Foul play
  • Illegal media (e.g.: child pornography, use of narcotics,)
  • Claiming another person’s property (video, song, etc…) as your own
  • Conflict with another micronation within the IBO (The IBO is a place of diplomacy; no one should come there to fight)
  • Initiate or participate in a micronational war

More rules/conditions of the charter can be added, but only through popular vote. A change to the charter can only be requested by a Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor and it will not require new ratifications only if the current members accept the newly added conditions.

At the time this charter was originally written, the charter is always open to new additions and may be added in the form of “amendments.”

  • Amendments are recognized as rules and conditions that can be modified or changed.

The IBO recognizes the following micronations and are de facto inducted into the IBO:

Any micronation has the right to leave the IBO, which means that any broadcasters connected to the IBO will also be forced to leave.

Any micronation may abstain from events and is welcome to rejoin any time.

No micronation can participate in IBO events without ratifying the charter.