International Agricultural Development Pact/Charter

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Recognising the importance of agriculture in the development of a nation and its economy;

Recognising the improved results which may be achieved from co-operating with other nations in the pursuit of a given field;

And recognising the value of a common, collaborative approach to finding solutions to the problems which our nations may face;

We hereby resolve to form a pact of nations united in our desire for development of our respective agricultural sectors, and do agree to the following as the basis for such a pact:

1 - Purpose and Objectives

  • A) The purpose of the International Agricultural Development Pact will be to promote the agricultural sector as a vital economic sector.
  • B) The pact shall strive to promote partial self-sufficiency, environmental awareness and traditional agricultural skills like seed saving and manual cultivation.
  • C) The pact will facilitate the exchange of information and materials to the common benefit of all signatory nations.

2 - Organisational Structure

  • A) The pact shall have no set leader or leading nation, it shall instead have a co-operative nature where responsibility to run the organisation is shared.
  • B) The pact shall communicate in a group communication medium where delegations can converse in real time.

3 - Membership

  • A) Any nation may become a member of the pact by ratifying this treaty in accordance with their laws on treaty ratification. Their membership shall then be confirmed by a majority vote of all members.
  • B) Any nation may be removed from the pact by a majority vote of all members.
  • C) Any nation may withdraw from the pact voluntarily by annulling the treaty in accordance with their laws on international treaties, and giving advanced notice to the pact.

4 - Activities of the Pact

  • A) The primary activity of the pact will be to provide a venue for the exchange of information related to agriculture, and allowing nations to assist with each others’ endeavours.
  • B) The pact shall provide a facility for the exchanging of seeds among member states, with a central record to be kept of the available seed stocks of member states
  • C) The pact shall promote organic agriculture through the collective efforts of its member states.
  • D) The pact will publish a quarterly journal in which the progress made by member states can be detailed, along with future plans, advisory columns and data.


Nation Date Ratified Status
Empire of Pacem 1 May 2016 Inactive
Kingdom of Überstadt 9 May 2016 Member (founder)
Kingdom of Elsanor 13 May 2016 Member (founder and former chair)
Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor 19 May 2016 signed but never ratified Defunct (founder)
Confederation of Leylandiistan & Gurvata 21 May 2016 Defunct (founder)
Senatorial Republic of Timeria 24 May 2016 Inactive
Republic of Roseland 26 May 2016 Defunct (founder)
Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic 30 May 2016 Member (founder and chair)
Shorewellese Empire 24 August 2016 Member (former chair)
Kingdom of Coria 19 November 2016 Member
Popular Union of Occitania 30 December 2016 Member
Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija 10 January 2017 Defunct
First Breckland Empire 10 January 2017 Defunct
Khanate of Nedland 11 January 2017 Defunct
State of Koss 17 January 2017 Member
Democratic Peoples Republic of Farrar 8 February 2017 Defunct
Empire of Aenopia 13 April 2020 Active