Hymn to the Fatherland

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"Hymn to the Fatherland" (gr.:Υμνος στην Πατριδα),is the national anthem of the Republic of Saint Christopher.


During the times of the Autonomous Student's Republic of 7th High School, the anthem of the Antarctic Micronational Union was used in special occasions, such as before a meeting of the "Council of 15", and every morning at 9:00 am, it was played through megaphones.

When the Principality of Quintarea was declared independent, a new anthem was adopted, simply known as "The National Anthem of Quintarea" (Εθνικος Υμνος της Κινδαρεας), and it was set in the music of "Veillons salut au l'Empire", the national anthem of the First French Empire.

When the Kingdom of Saint Christopher was declared, a new national anthem was needed. So, General Triantafyllos, proposed "Hymn to the Fatherland",in the music of "Koniggratzer marsch".The anthem was used during the times of the monarchy, and also now as the official national anthem.


Currently, the anthem has no lyrics.

Other musical pieces

At the times of Quintarea, the royal anthem of the Kingdom of Egypt (1920) was used as the official anthem of the Prince,under the name "Prince's Song".At the times of the Kingdom, the royal anthem was "God bless our King" (Ο Θεος ευλογησε τον Βασιλεα Μας)set in the tune of  "God save the Queen",and it was also used as the Presidential anthem, under the name "Hymn to the President" (Υμνος στον Προεδρο), but due to its unpopularity and its connection with the monarchy, it was changed on November 2016 to the "Presidential March" (Το Προεδρικο Εμβατηριο)set in the tune of  "Pruissiser Praesentiermarsch".