House of Hesslin

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House of Hesslin
Coat of Arms of Nathaniel Greene.svg.png
CountryEmpire of Flevelt
Kingdom of Hesslin
Confederation of Flevelt
Kingdom of Mont Fleury
TitlesEmperor of Flevelt
First Lord in Hesslin
Grand Duchess of Pavia
Princely Count of Hesse-March
Ruling Steward of Flevelt
Lord Paramount of Mont Fluery
High Master of the Order of the Gilded Chalice
Current headKyle of Hesslin
EthnicityAnglo-Saxon and

The House of Hesslin is the ruling house of the Free and High Lordship of Hesslin and formerly the Empire of Flevelt.

First titles

The Grand County of Mont Rouge was founded in 2014 as the first Feveltic state. Mount Rouge was made a Kingdom, under the Kingdom, a Duchy by the name of Hesse-March was formed for Kyle of Hesslin to govern. By late 2015, Hesslin was made independent and thereby, the second Fleveltic state. The Hesse would go on to gain the regal titles of Latin Emperor of Flevelt, Grand Duchess of pavia, Most Serene Prince Mayor of Pavia (city of Pavia), and Prince Elector of the Empire. After the empire's fall the Confederation of Flevelt reformed the Fleveltic kingdoms and other fiefdom, including Hesslin, which became the "Free and High Lordship of Hesslin." Additionally, the title of King in Hesslin was changed to First Lord in Hesslin.

Minor titles

Formerly held minor titles

  • Prince Elector of Hesslin
  • Highest Lord of the Ado
  • Master General of Ordnance
  • Imperial Vicar to Celvia and Lombardia
  • Gonfaloniere of the Empire

Currently held minor titles

  • Most Serene Prince Mayor of Pavia
  • Master of Bergington
  • Defender of Mossbury

Preceded by
Founding of Monarchy
Ruling House of the Free and High Lordship of Hesslin
2014 - present
Succeeded by
current House
Preceded by
Empire founded
Ruling House of the Empire of Flevelt
June 16, 2016 - September 2, 2016
Succeeded by
House of Mont Rouge