Honours and Decorations of the Kingdom of Hanover

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The Hanoverian Honours system is the system of orders, decorations and medals which are awarded to recognise achievements of, or service by Hanvoerians or others in connection with the Kingdom of Hanover and the wider micronational community. Orders, Decorations and Medals of the Kingdom may be awarded both to Hanoverian citizens and to worthy individuals throughout both the micro and macronational communities. The Sovereign is the fount of all Hanoverian honours. Nominations are made by the Privy Council of Hanover, the Office of the Prime Minister or by any other individual. All nominations for honours are, except where otherwise provided in law, submitted to His Majesty for approval.

The Hanoverian Honours system was established in 2002 and revised in 2006, 2008, 2011, and 2014 It incorporates the original Honours system of the Kingdom of Hanover, the Honours of the Glennish Kingdom of Hanover and Sconeland and the Honours system of the House of the Dragon.

Current Awards

Orders of Chivalry

Name Post Nominals Founder Year Founded
The Most Noble Order of Menelvagor KM His Majesty Erik I, King of Hanover 1980
The Order of Hanover KL His Majesty Alexander I, King of Hanover 2002
The Order of the Dragon GCD, KCD, CD, MD His Majesty Sigismund von Luxemburg 1408
Order of Valacirca KV His Majesty Erik I, King of Hanover 1992
Order of Academic Merit OAM His Majesty Erik I, King of Hanover 1996

Awards and Decorations

Name Date Created Post Nominals Awarded For
Jacobean Cross 25 July 2009 JC Loyalty to the Crown
Socrates and Hypatia Medal 2001 SH Labor in an Academic Discipline
Medal of Cincinnatus 1998 MC Services to Agriculture
Dragon Legion of Honor 1991 LOH Wining a Duel of Honor. Subsequent awards are indicated with bronze, silver and gold stars attached to the ribbon.

Coronation and Jubilee Medals

Name Date Created
Melvin I Dragon Coronation Medal 1944
Melvin I Crystal Dragon Jubilee Medal 1954
Melvin I Dragon Silver Jubilee Medal 1969
Erik I Dragon Coronation Medal 1985
Erik I Crystal Dragon Jubilee Medal 1995
Erik I Silver Dragon Jubilee Medal 2010
James I Accession Medal 2002
Thomas I Accession Medal 2003
Alexander I Accession Medal 2004
James II Accession Medal 2009
Alexandra I Accession Medal 2013
Erik I Accession Medal 2014

Service Ribbons

Ribbon Name Creation Date Description Number awarded
80px Government Long Service 2014 Awarded to any Official of the Government who has served for 12 years. 0
80px Diplomatic Long Service 2014 Awarded to those members of the Diplomatic Corps who have served in any capacity for ten or more years. 0
80px Royal Household Long Service' 2014 Awarded to those members of the Households of the Royal family having completed twelve years of service. Each additional five years of service is rewarded with a bronze oak leaf. 0
Government Service Ribbon.jpg Government Service 2014 Awarded to those who have served at least one year in the Government as an Official of His Majesty’s Government. 0
Diplomatic Service Ribbon.jpg Diplomatic Service 2014 Awarded to all Diplomatic Personnel of the Kingdom. 2
Royalhouseholdservice.jpg Royal Household Service 2014 Awarded to all members of the Households of the Royal Family of Hanover upon completion of their first year of service. 2
Parliamentary service ribbon.jpg Parliamentary Service 1 March 2014 Awarded to all members of Parliament and the Privy Council upon their election or appointment. Privy Council members are distinguished by the letter “E” in silver worn on the center of the ribbon. 4
Citizenship ribbon.jpg Citizenship Ribbon 1 March 2012 Awarded to all Citizens of the Kingdom of Hanover upon taking the Oath of Loyalty 15


Anyone can nominate any person for an honour. Honours are awarded on Hanvover Day (July 25) and on Yule (December 21) annually.