Order of Academic Merit

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Order of Academic Merit|-
Awarded by the Kingdom of Hanover
Type Merit Order awarded in three classes
Awarded for Academic achievement at the University level
Status Currently awarded
Established 31 January 1996
First awarded 18 June 1996
Last awarded 2013
Total awarded: 9
Next (higher) Order of Valacirca
Next (lower) Jacobean Cross

The Order of Academic Merit is an order of merit bestowed by the Monarch of the Kingdom of Hanover. The Order was founded by Letters Patent on 1 January 1996. It is awarded to any citizen of the Kingdom of Hanover who meets the criteria for the award. The decoration consists of crossed palm leaves in silver suspended from a red ribbon with two white stripes. The First Class of the Order is suspended from a neck ribbon and is awarded for earning a Ph.D. from an accredited University or College. The Second Class is awarded upon receipt of a Masters Degree and is distinguished from the Third Class by a Bronze Oak Leaf worn on the ribbon. The Third Class is awarded for earning a Bachelor’s Degree in any field with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.5 or better.


There are three grades in the Order of Academic Merit, each is awarded for meeting specifically defined academic goals at an accredited university.

  • First Class
  • Second Class
  • Third Class


First Class (OAM 1st)

  • The Rt. Hon the Countess of Valka: 2012

Second Class (OAM 2nd)

  • Her Majesty the Queen of Hanover: June 2010
  • The Rt. Hon. the Baroness of Tuli: June 1999

Third Class (OAM 3rd)

  • Erik I, King of Hanover: June 1996
  • The Most Hon. the Marchioness of Ninerocks: June 1994
  • The Rt. Hon. the Countess of Valka: June 1996
  • The Rt. Hon. the Baroness of Tuli: June 1996
  • The Rt. Hon. the Countess of Valmeira: June 1997
  • The Rt. Hon the Viscountess of Falmarin: June 1997