Holy Sovereignty of Lytpatri

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Holy Sovereignty of Lytpatri
Hosac Ayrin o'Lytpatri
Flag of Lytpatri
Symbol of Lytpatri
Motto: B'forwyen wit Valor. B'tarar'd o'ny Digs.
Lytpatri on Earth
Lytpatri on Earth
Lytpatri on Moon
Lytpatri on Moon
CapitalTycho I, Tycho II
Official languagesIrisen, English
Recognised national languagesSpanish, French, Latin, German
Church of Lytism
GovernmentTheocratic Progressive Benevolent Monarchy
• Pope and Sovereign
Iris Nox
• Prince
19 June 2021
• Constitution formed
24 June 2023
25 June 2023
• Independence from the United States declared
25 June 2023
26 June 2023
• Democratic government reformed
26 June 2023
• Democratic state dissolved
26 June 2023
• Holy Sovereignty formed
26 June 2023
• Earth
0.1 km2 (0.039 sq mi)
• Moon
5200 km² (3231.13 sq mi)
• Census
CurrencyLytpatri Talar
Time zoneEST
• Summer (DST)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Democratic State of Lytpatri
Autonomous Democracy of Lytpatri

The Holy Sovereignty of Lytpatri (Irisen: Hosac Ayrin o'Lytpatri), commonly known as Lytpatri, was a micronation that claimed territory equal to about 0.1 square kilometer in Florida and 5200 square kilometers on the Moon (Tycho I). Lytpatri was ruled over by the Pope and Sovereign, Iris Nox, who had absolute authority over the country. The Holy Sovereignty was formed after the dissolution of the Democratic State of Lytpatri, and was dissolved on 2 July 2023 at the formation of the Autonomous Democracy of Lytpatri.


Lyt meaning light, patri meaning country. The name means Light Country in Irisen.


Provisional State of Lytpatri

The Provisional State of Lytpatri was founded on 19 June 2023 after Iris began creating the conlang of Irisen. The Provisional State conducted the first public declarations, communications, and appearances of Lytpatri. This state was meant to serve as a transitionary period while the Constitution of the Democratic State of Lytpatri was being formed.

Democratic State of Lytpatri

The Democratic State of Lytpatri was founded on 25 June 2023 after the dissolution of the Provisional Government. Ruler Iris Nox of the Provisional Government stepped down from their authoritarian position, and instead became Head of the Council, formalizing the transition to a democratic system of governance. Lytpatri then declared independence from the United States of America.

Constitution Crisis of Lytpatri

Head of the Council and Pope of Lytism Iris began having doubts about their creation of a democratic constitution, and formed the militant Light of God Group in an attempt to secure full theocratic and dictatorial power. The Light of God Group took temporary control of the government, until the Pope decided democracy was in fact the best system, and reestablished the Democratic State.

An hour after that decision, the Pope turned away from democracy again, and as the sole member of the Council abolished the Constitution and Government, forming the Holy Sovereignty of Lytpatri.

Crowning the Prince

Fluffy was crowned Prince of Lytpatri on 28 June 2023.

Claiming Tycho

Sovereign Iris officially declared the Tycho crater as being territory of Lytpatri Tycho I and as being a secondary capital, and they renamed the Earth capitol to Tycho II, on 28 June 2023.

Politics and Government

All aspects of government were controlled by the Pope and Sovereign.


The military was the militant Light of God Group, which acted on behalf of and was led by the Pope and Sovereign.

Foreign Relations

Lytpatri recognized all U.N. nations, as well as all nations struggling for independence and all micronations.

The Holy Sovereignty of Lytpatri recognized these organizations as being terrorist organizations:


The currency of Lytpatri is the Lytpatri Talar.


All animals, from humans to cats to fish to ants, were allowed citizenship within the country.


Lytpatri had a progressive and artistic culture.

Visual Art

Lytpatri visual art was in digital and physical forms, and in a variety of different styles. Lytpatriperns were encouraged to express themselves however they wished.


Lytpatri music was not a single style of music, as Lytpatriperns were encouraged to express themselves however they wished.


Lytpatri literature was typically written in either Irisen or English.


LGBTQ+ (LSTTC+) identities were celebrated among Lytpatriperns. Mont o'Prid was a month long holiday surrounding the celebration of LGBTQ+ people.

Trans rights propaganda, Lek: Transgender Perns b'proteg, sert ve (a symbol for the Sovereign) (English: Law: Transgender people are protected, signed by the Sovereign)


Lytpatriperns were progressive, and tended to partake in activism.


Irisen and English were the official languages of Lytpatri, and Spanish, French, Latin, and German were all national languages of the country.

Irisen calligraphy of the characters for the words Jostic, Ford, Wist, Libatol, Pac, Stronc, and Valor


The state religion of Lytpatri was the Church of Lytism, an eclectic pantheist faith. However, being a member of the Church was not required of any citizen.


1 January Nof Yar Celebration of the beginning of the year
1 June - 30 June Mont o'Prid Celebration of LGBTQ+ pride
28 June Tycho Day Celebration of the claiming of Tycho