Holy Empire of Jesus

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Holy Empire of Jesus

28 October 2019 — present

Holy Imperial COA.png
Coat of Arms

God Save the Emperor

Capital cityHoly Palace
Largest cityHoly Palace
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentAbsolute Theocratic Monarchy
- Holy EmperorBrett I (1899-1900)
Harold II (1900-1901)
Vincent III (1901-present)
- Colonial GovernorHarold Duighan
Established28 October 2019 (reformed on 25 May 2021)
Disestablished10 May 2021
Population2 (2021)

The Holy Empire of Jesus is a micronation located in Pennsylvania in the United States. It is governed as a Absolute Theocratic Monarchy, where the nation is ruled by the Holy Emperor. However, it also has a Colonial Governor, who serves as a sort of Prime Minister.


The Holy Empire of Jesus got its name purely because Brett I, the nation's founder, was talking with his friend, Harold Duighan, and was asking about a possible name for the nation. Harold suggested the Holy Empire of Jesus purely as a joke, but it sounded cool to him, so it stuck.


Brett I Era

When the country was founded on 28 October 2021, Brett I became the first Holy Emperor. The country began strong, with a powerful military and sprawling cities full of skyscrapers. However, this greatness was not without difficulties. Regular raids began on the country which became so bad that Harold Duighan, who was the Colonial Governor at the time, fled and dissolved a colony that was owned by the Empire, after repeated raids by bandits.

Eventually, after that, the Holy Empire of Jesus allied with the newly formed Great Empire of Duighan, and peace was kept for a good while, until on 24 November 2019, when the Great Empire of Duighan was dissolved, which caused the nation to split into two rival factions, which were the Pro-Republicans in the newly-formed Great States of O'Duighan, and Pro-Monarchists in the newly-formed Imperialist Government, which would eventually be known as the Imperialist Reich. This led to a long set of conflicts called the Empire Wars, which caused immense strife and led to many pro-longed battles between the many long months of the conflict.

Eventually, on 3 December 2019, the conflict ended with a short peace, though that peace quickly ended two days later, when the Imperialists attacked again, and the war continued. It ended after over two months of fighting when finally, the Imperialists surrendered and fled on 9 February 2020. Since then, no one knows what happened to the Imperialists, and technically the war still goes on, as a formal treaty ending the conflict was never signed or ratified.

However, on the same day, Brett I left the country and his throne and never returned. The country was thus left without a monarch. It caused immense strife in the country, as they needed a monarch. Harold II, who was, and still is ,the current Colonial Governor, assumed the throne as Holy Emperor.

Harold II Era

After his takeover of the crown, Harold II, the new Holy Emperor, has little to do with the now weakened Empire. So, the Empire fell into inactivity, with an Emperor who didn't know what to do with the state as a whole. This era lasted from 9 February 2020 to 6 March 2021, with the abdication of Harold II and the rise of Vincent III.

Vincent III Era

On 6 March 2021, after around a year of inactivity under him, Harold II decided abdicate the throne of the Holy Empire of Jesus. But, instead of letting the Empire collapse, Harold decided to give the throne to his friend and ally, Vincent Wilhelm von Ironside. This was for several reasons, but one of the biggest reasons was that Harold saw his monarchist beliefs making him more fitting for the throne. Along with this, Harold simply wished to focus more on other projects, like his main nation, Wamong.

So, upon this decision, Vincent Wilhelm von Ironside was crowned as Vincent III. Vincent immediately took a position of restoring the Empire to it's Minecraft greatness it had once enjoyed under Brett I. Along with this, his position was very nationalist and right wing libertarian, advocating for a semi-constitutional monarchy where the Holy Emperor enjoyed extensive powers, but to a limit, as well as advocated for the growth of the Jesusian industrial and other economic areas, mainly through private industry.

However, as these new plans began to build steam, disaster struck as while the Holy Emperor was away on business, a communist revolution overthrew him and the monarchy on the 10th of May, 2021, establishing the People's Republic of Jesus. Vincent III immediately began rallying loyalist support to reclaim his crown. The People's Republic was very weak, and the administration under Premier Kira quickly began to loose support, relying solely on he support of the People's Protection Pact to sustain itself. 14 days after the Jesusian Communist Revolution had occured, the forcefully-deposed Vincent III made his move on the weakened communists. With little resistance, Vincent III and Harold Duighan, Colonial Governor of the Empire, declared the Empire restored and the weak People's Republic of Jesus abolished. Seeing her regime would be getting little to no backing, Kira resigned and accepted the restoration of the Holy Emperor.

Emboldened by this series of events, Vincent III launched a number of large reforms to the nation over the course of the next few months. The Holy Imperial Army begun a massive reform and buildup program, new lands were acquired (A new Minecraft world was made) and Jesusian industry began to take off, with the development of a logging company (National Jesusian Logging Company or NJLC) to take advantage of the dense forests of the new land, as well as plans being made for mining and railway programs.