Holy Catholic Apostolic Union

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Holy Catholic Apostolic Union
Coat of arms of the Union
(Latin: God wills it)
Formation31 January 2019
Purpose/focusTo unite catholics across the micronational community.
HeadquartersUvenia, Kingdom of Ikonia
MembershipFlag of Ikonia (Pantone).svg Kingdom of Ikonia, Flag of the Republic of Quebec.svg Republic of Quebec
Official languagesEnglish
High CommandersCameron I, Aidan McGrath

The Holy Catholic Apostolic Union is a intermicronational organization, run by two High Commanders, it claims to be the most influential catholic micronational organization.

Similar to the Catholic Church, it follows and abides by the Pope's methods.


First Jubilee card

The Union frequently hands out Jubilees, a prayer card displaying a quote from the bible, famous Pope, or a christian figure.

The cards are only given in masses on Sundays, however can be used at anytime.


Flag of Holy Catholic Apostolic Union
See adjacent text.
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion ~2:3
Adopted 31 January 2019
Design A black background with a white christian cross in the middle.
Designed by Aidan McGrath

The flag of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Union, commonly referred to as the Holy Grand Cross, is the flag used by the Union in celebrations, and masses. It is showcased on the Coat of arms as the shield, and flag supporters.