Historical Institute of the Sildavian Commonweath

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Historical Institute of the Sildavian Commonweath (IHCS)
IHCS (2021).png
Coat of Arms of the Institute
Institute overview
Formed29 June 2021
TypeSearch Institute
JurisdictionSildavian Commonwealth Secretariat
HeadquartersKroppal Palace, Klöw
MottoScientiae est Summum
Owner Sildavia

The Historical Institute of the Sildavian Commonweath is an entity for the promotion of research and historical-geographical, cultural and social sciences preservation in Sildavia and in the countries that make up the organization. It was founded on 29 June 2021.


The initial idea for the institute was created by Queen Maria who wanted to expand the Archives of Klöw, and create a universal institution for all SCN countries. In discussions with the Grand Duchess Gabriela, the idea began to be designed and the institute was founded on 29 June 2021. The Institution was placed under the administration of the General Secretariat of the SCN.


The Institute was created with two central guidelines: the collection and publication of documents relevant to the history of the Commonweath's countries and the encouragement of studies of a historical nature. They also have the function of micronational research, not being restricted to the countries of the Commonweath.


The Institute's headquarters are located in the Kroppal Palace, where the institution's operations and data are published. There is also another installation located in the Grand Ducal Palace of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir which also serves for research.

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