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Royal City of Klöw
Flag of Klöw
Official seal of Klöw
Hic in potestate nostra Pacet
This is our peace
Country Sildavia
Settled2011 (as residence of the family)
2020 (as official residence and capital)
 • Total3 (permanent)

Klöw, officially the Royal City of Klöw is the capital of the United Kingdom of Sildavia and Borduria, and the only territory in the kingdom with official city status, with all other territories having the status of provinces of the kingdom; sometimes the city is refered to as the Royal Principality of Klöw, by its association with the title of Prince of Klöw The city consists of the Kroppal Palace, the Queen's Official Residence. The city was founded on 17 February 2020, along with the proclamation of independence. The name Klöw is derived from the work of cartoonist Hergé, who is one of the pillars of Sildavia's etymological and cultural formation. Klöw comprises all the properties and unoccupied soil on the lands belonging to the Queen. The City is ruled by the Queen in conjunction with the Duchess of Muskar, who manages the city most of the time. The Kroppal Palace located in the city is the official residence of the Queen of Sildavia, and is also the administration of the royal house.

Sister cities

The capital city of Klöw became part of the Conference of Santiago Sister Cities Program.