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Feast when you can, and dream when there's nothing to feast on.
Steal Smoked Fish by The Mountain Goats
North Carolina
Capital city Wolfsbane
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Discordianism
Demonym Hiraethian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- King and Pope Marvel Robinson (The Sludge Pope)
Established October 3rd, 2016
Population 3 (as of 2016)
Currency American Dollar
Time zone (UTC)
National animal Bigfoot

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Hiraeth is a micronation founded on October 3, 2016 by it's current pope and king, Marvel Robinson.


Hiraeth is a Welsh word referring to a homesickness felt for a place one has never been, or a place that does not exist.


Marvel joined New Starland as a Media Consultant, but when the queen stepped down, they left to form Hiraeth; wanting a nation with clearer goals and the grace of Eris in mind.

Government and politics

The king has absolute power over Hiraeth, however, there is a Crown Council that advises the king.

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