Hamlinian Telecommunication System

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Hamlinian Telecommunication System
Two Original Designs for the System, The Red Line will be Built.
Type: Government Project
Country Hamlinian Republic
Genre: Telecommunications
Launch Date In Planning Stages
Owner Hamlinian Government
Headquarters: Hamlinia
Services Fixed-line telephony, Emergency Services
Website Corp of Engineers Website

The Hamlinian Telecommunication System (Commonly known as HTS or Project Telecom) is a proposed communications system in the Hamlinian Republic. It would connect the Hamlinian Executive Residence, Fort Hamlin, Government Building 2, and possibly the Port of Hamlinistan. It was proposed by President Casey Hamlin to the Hamlinian Public. Costs are unknown, but the proposition has gotten a lot of attention and positive feedback.


The Telecommunication cable would run underground and would be constructed of a hollow tube connected to megaphone like objects currently being developed by the government. It would run from the Hamlinian Executive Residence to Government Building 2, then from Government Building 2 to Fort Hamlin, and possibly from Fort Hamlin to the Port of Hamlinistan. People have been critical of the design, but the government has assured residents that the line will work. It would be the largest infrastructure project in Hamlinian history, and would take about one or two months according to the Hamlinian Corp of Engineers, the leader of the project.


  • Phase I - Constructing the Fort Hamlin to Government Building 2 Line.
  • Phase II - Constructing the Executive Residence to Government Building 2 Line.
  • Phase III - Constructing the Fort Hamlin to Port of Hamlinistan Line.


Many people have called the line design, "a sure failure" and have questioned the need for such a line. The President stated that a line was needed to "allow for fast communication between our most important areas". People also grilled the President for the "relay system needed to run it" calling for direct lines to each place instead of "a relay race from the residence, around the block and back".