Green Party of Domanglia

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Green Party
Flag Libya Old.png
Party nameGreen Party
MicronationDomanglian Federation
LeaderHarry Fitzpatrick
Established23 November 2011
IdeologyJamahiriya (state of the masses)
Allahu Akbar (proposed)

The Green Party of Domanglia is a political party in the Domanglian Federation.


The Green Party's main goal is to turn the Domanglian Federation into a Jamahiriya state much like the former Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The party bases its beliefs around the works of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Its rival is the ruling party of Domanglia, the Popular National Party.


Colonel Gaddafi is unliked in Domanglia, so the Green Party is too. The only two members of the party so far are its founder, Harry Fitzpatrick and Burklandi politician Matthew Burklandssen.

Alex Ulbricht, of the LDR, voiced his dislike of the party in a Skype chatroom on the day it was announced. His main qualm with the establishment of this party was the deliberate attempt to draw publicity to it by using the ideology and colours of Gaddafi, who at the time had recently been deposed and killed in Libya, and that it is nothing more than a publicity stunt for a nation which, he claimed, "with all due respect, which there is little of, has no place within the community if it feels the need to draw attention to itself in such a way ... and attempts to use a mass uprising in a land far away to draw attention to itself.”

Darkovar Neconstantianeski, the Federal Chancellor of Domanglia, has responded to Alex Ulbricht's complaints by saying "how is this party an attempt to draw attention to Domanglia? I didn't create this political party, a communist micronationalist (and citizen of Domanglia) called Harry Fitzpatrick did. I didn't want this party to be created, but for free speech's sake I allowed it to be. I think Harry Fitzpatrick's support of Colonel Gaddafi is sick and twisted, but so does practically everybody else in Domanglia apart from Matthew Burklandssen, so the party will never get elected"