Grand Duchy of Alovia

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Most Glorious & Holy Empire of Kirkland (Remnant)

October, 2011

Kirkland Remnant Flag.pngKingdom of Kirkland Coat of Arms Updeted.png

Deus Vult
(God wills it)
Hail to Thee in Victor's Crown
(in English replacing "Wilhelm" with "Brayden")
Near Independence, Missouri, United States
Capital cityDrakon, Alovia
Largest cityDrakon, Alovia
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christian: Lutheran
GovernmentEnlightened Absolutism
- EmperorBrayden I
(abdicated but still officially Emperor)
- ChancellorHer Grace Sandra Knopf, Duchess of Halmonton
LegislatureChamber of Deputies
- Type - Unicameral
Established16 February 2011
Area claimed30 acres
Population17 (at peak)
CurrencyKirkish Pound "₤"
Time zone(UTC-6)
National animalGolden Eagle
Patron saintSt. Michael
Official Forum

The Grand Duchy of Alovia, officially the Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland (Remnant), was the capital province of Kirkland. It was also the largest Grand Duchy in Kirkland. It is home to Kirk House which served as Imperial Residence, House of Parliament, and Supreme Court of Kirkland. After the dissolution of Kirkland, Alovia became an independent Grand Duchy and separated from the rest of the remaining Grand Duchies of Kirkland. It was the de jure successor state to Kirkland.


Alovia began as the residence of the Royal Family of Kirkland. It was the founding province of that nation. It also served as the center of the Kirkish government for the entire length of its existence. Following the dissolution of the original Empire of Kirkland on the 13th of October, 2011 Alovia became the de jure successor state to Kirkland. Despite its officially inactive status in the community, the Alovian Chamber of Deputies has continued to meet in person and draft and make policy for Alovia at Kirk House with the consent of the former Emperor, now simply the Grand Duke of Alovia.

Imperial Status

Because all the major government offices are based out of Alovia the Grand Duchy has a particular attachment to the Sovereign. The title of Grand Duke of Alovia is only given to a person who is the current monarch of Kirkland. Under this policy the Marquess of Alovia (the son of the Grand Duke of Alovia) would therefore always also be the Prince Imperial. This has led some to, unofficially and incorrestly, call any possible Prince Imperial the Prince of Alovia.


Alovia's government is separated into three different branches. Each branch has a series of checks and balances on the other branches to prevent the concentration of power into one particular branch.

Grand Duke

The Grand Duke is the head of state of Alovia. He serves as the official face of Alovia in foreign affairs. He also has some legislative functions in that he can issue decrees that are binding law. His executive power extends to the power to veto or approve bills that pass the Chamber of Deputies; however, this veto can be overridden by a 2/3 majority of the Chamber of Deputies.

Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers serves as the middle branch between the executive and the legislature. The Council has the duties of running the day-to-day operations of the various ministries of Alovia. They serve as the primary advisory council to the Grand Duke. The Council is appointed by the Grand Duke but must be approved by a plurality of the Chamber of Deputies. The Chancellor, the head of government of Alovia, is the head of this body.

Chamber of Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies is the legislative body of Alovia. It serves the purpose of drafting legislation for Alovia. Legislation may be passed with a plurality. The Chamber of Deputies is by far the most powerful single branch since a majority of the powers of the government have been vested specifically in the Chamber. The leader of the Chamber is the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies which is always the Grand Duke. This allows the Grand Duke to be continually informed as to the proceedings of the Chamber and hastens the ability of the Chamber to pass legislation since the Grand Duke may approve or veto the bill at almost the exact minute it passes through the Chamber.


The Grand Duchy of Alovia has a specially written Constitution for its governance. It has the only popularly elected legislature in all of Kirkland. Most people in Alovia enjoy a level of freedom not enjoyed by most people in Kirkland. The Alovian Chamber of Deputies has been granted extensive powers and acts like a parliament in a European nation. They system used by the Alovia could be described as a semi-presidential system minus the elected presidency.


  • Grand Duchy of Alovia - HI&MSM Emperor Brayden I
    • Duchy of Symphona - HI&MSM Emperor Brayden I
      • Earldom of Drakon - HI&MSM Emperor Brayden I
    • Duchy of Halmonton - Her Grace Sandra Knopf, Duchess of Halmonton