Sovereign of Kirkland

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Emperor of the Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland
Brayden I

Style His Imperial & Most Serene Majesty
First monarch Brayden I
Formation 16 February 2011

The Sovereign of Kirkland is the hereditary monarch that rules the Kirkland. The Sovereign has complete executive authority and is not checked by any other branch of the Kirkish government. The current Sovereign of Kirkland is Emperor Brayden I.


The Sovereign of Kirkland is given complete executive authority by the Kirkish Constitution. The Sovereign has the power to veto acts of the Kirkish Parliament, the power to issue imperial decrees, and the power to appoint a Privy Council. This in essence give the Sovereign the ability to legislate without a Parliament. The Sovereign also has the power to give any citizen of Kirkland a title, either honorary or noble; this is important because only citizens with titles are allowed to vote for or hold office in Parliament. The Sovereign also has to power to act as judge, jury, and prosecutor in any legal matter in Kirkland unless he is being accused in which case a tribunal of 3 nobles is appointed to rule on the case as is the custom in Kirkish Supreme Court.


The Sovereign of Kirkland is a purely hereditary title. It is inherited based on "male preference primogeniture" (also known as "mixed-female succession" and as "cognatic" primogeniture) in which the eldest male and his issue inherit the title. However, this type of succession allows a female to succeed if she has no living brothers and no deceased brothers who left surviving legitimate male descendants.