Government of Virardius

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Government of Virardius

Registaro de Virardius (Esperanto)
Unicameral Parliament
HousesChamber of Deputies
Term limits
Founded21 March 2022
Sydney Knight, VIRSOC Party
since 21 March 2022
Prime Minister

The Government of Virardius is the senior legislative body of the Republic of Virardius.


The Government was established on 21 March 2022 as the government was founded. The government was, and still is, under a totalitarian dictatorship.


Membership in Government is grunteed for the Executive Committee and most, if not all, Inner Party members in the Virardian Socialist Party. Members are typically appointed by the Executive Committee.

All members of Government have a seat in the Chamber of Deputies and take the title of "Deputy". Some deputies may be appointed to Cabinet by the President of Virardius.


The main roles of the Government include:

  • Law Proposal
  • Some Advisory to the President and Prime Minister

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