Governing Senate (Flevelt)

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Governing Senate
Senrex En Velt
Confederation of Flevelt
High PresidentKyle of Hesslin, Fatalitist Party
Presiding OfficerEthan of Mont Rouge, Fatalitist Party

The Governing Senate of Flevelt or sometimes the Great Council of Flevelt is the legislature of the Confederation of Flevelt.

Powers and privileges

The Governing Senate's primary powers are to declare war and to dismiss any officer of the government for misdemeanors. The Senate has the power to manage the confederation budget and to approve laws. While the High President has the power to veto any law or order made by the Senate, it may be overruled with a 2/3 vote.


The High President is the supreme head and chair of the Governing Senate. The Chief Justiciar is the majority leader and represents of the government to both the people and the senate. While, the Chief Justiciar, in addition to other positions, is a nominal senator, the Justiciar may only vote in the event of a 50/50 tie. The Presiding Officer is charged with protecting the independence of the Senate from the executive branch and chairing the committees.

Senate Committee

There are a number of smaller Committee charged with special powers. The list of Senate Councils:

  • Council of Revision
  • Council of Appointments
  • Board of War
  • Board of Trade

Operations and meetings

Meetings of the senate, unlike meetings of the Court of Governors, are short and formal. Under most instances, the outcome of a bill has already been debated and agreed upon by an committee and the meeting of the full senate is simply a formality. Committees meet often, at least weekly, while the full senate meets on a set monthly basis.


The Governing Senate grants seats to every member state.

  • Imgres-1.png Senator from Hesslin
  • Blason ville fr Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine).svg.png Senator from Mont Rouge
  • 75-king of the Belgians svg.png Senator from Mont Fleury
  • Kreiswappen des Kreises Lippe.svg.png Senator from Pavia
  • COA Oxenfurt Univ.png Senator form the Fords
  • Sub-Senator of Melvak

non voting members

  • Pro-Senator of Order of Knighthood
  • Pro-Senator of the Sergeants and Wards