Governatorato di Luxe

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The Governorate of Luxe is the main governmental body for the management of the territory under the control of the municipality of Luxe.

Governorate of Luxe

Foundation 1/09/2018
Tipo Territorial suddivision
Nation Luxe.jpg Repubblica democratica di Luxe
Governator Luca mirante
Population 1
Area 21 mt²
Capital Luxe
Other cities Bussolino, Entra Mira
Noame of abitants Luxesi IT
Altitudine 264


After the Disgregazione Vicolina, the government decided to officially divide the territories owned in governorates administered by a president. The Luxese is the main one (as it is the Capitoline governorate, and is the most important.


The governorate is the richest of all, given that all the most important companies reside in the Borsa Luxese; it is mainly concentrated on the secondary and tertiary sectors.



Banca di Luxe

Muro della Scritta


Name Flag Superficie Anno fondazione Proprietario Citizens
Luxe 12 mt2 2009 Comune di Luxe Luca mirante 1
Bussolino Bussolino.png 3 mt2 2010 Comune di Luxe luca mirante 1
Entra Mira Entramira.png 4 mt2 2016 Comune di Luxe Luca mirante 0