Full dress (Baustralia)

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Full dress is a standard of dress used by the flag officers of Baustralia, and some army units.


The No. 1 naval full dress uniform is based upon the naval frock order of the British royal family. The army uniforms wear unit specific full dresses based upon tradition. There exists a No. 1A variant in the navy where the member wears shoulder boards rather than epaulets.

Also, a rare uniform, No. 1Z is reserved solely for coronations and consists of the full dress of the navy, or for army, all units wear an infantry-style uniforms, where the caps are replaced by crowns or coronets, or bicorns for flag officers lacking the former. For enlisted or junior and senior officers without crowns or coronets, forage caps are worn. Military accoutrements shall be worn. Other stately accoutrements (i.e. robes) may be worn