Free Territory of Mocrosaïma

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Coat of arms
Largest cityHayualeasima
Official languagesArabic
• president
Antonio Guzman
• Prime Minister
Mohammed Hassif
• Census

The free territory of Mocrosaïma is a small country on the coast of Morocco. The country used to belong to Spain, Mocrosaïma even declared war with Spain, but that war never came. On July 1, 1996, Spain peacefully decided that they could become independent and that Spain will help Mocrosaïma with food delivery and with the economy. The country has a lot of quarrels with Morocco. The capital is Mocroqaryat


The land was first just dunes when a group of Moroccan farmers discovered that there was very fertile soil here. What was also special and what made Mocrosaïa rich was oil land. They mainly shared oil with Qatar in hopes that they could earn a lot of money. It worked, but the downside was that the former president named Aziz Al Karabakh wasted the money on a harbor, a few houses, a very long pier and a state house. It's not that the country has gone bankrupt because of all that investment, because with more oil the country can make a lot of money. Unfortunately the oil ran out after 6 years and the country was supported by Spain. Mocrosaïma received 500,000 euros and thus Mocrosaïma is one of the richest small countries after Monaco.


The name Mocrosaïma comes from the old Mocrosamic dialect that existed from 1870-1907. The name is split from the words: Mocro and Saïma. Mocro refers to the old fertile soil means Fertile and Saïma refers to a holy person who died in ancient Mocrosaïma called: Fransisco De Saïma. when we mix it together we get the word: Fertile soil of Saïma.


The president of Mocrosaïma is Antonio Agmed Guzman, he was born and raised in Mocrosaïma. The prime minister calls Mohammed Hassif.


Mocrosaïma has 10 districts and 1 Free region called Île cara iris. The other districts mention: Hayualeasima, Mintaqat al'uma, Mocroqaryat, Qaryatalshaati, Qaryatjabalia, Qaryatnuyrdir, Randistad, Rasifalmanara, Zuydirdurb and Alsabil