Île cara iris

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The free region of Île de Cara Iris
Flag of The free region of Île de Cara Iris
Official seal of The free region of Île de Cara Iris
Established21 Januari 2009
Founded byVasco da gama
 • SenatorsAlfonso Durango, Haxi H'mnelquestanaisky
 • Total15

Île cara iris is an island and a free region of Mocrosaïma. The island has many beautiful tourist hotspots such as caves and clear water. They speak Spanish on the island.


Vasco da gama came across the island during a voyage of discovery. He called it Iris. Next to the island there have been naval battles. These sea battles are called the sea of ​​blood.


Quashiquashi is the seat of Cara Iris. Deer is not officially a capital because it is very small. Only 15 homeless people live there. Quashiquashi is therefore a ghost town but also a hotspot for archaeologists.

Comprehensive Plans for the Island

The government of Mocrosaïma has many elaborate plans for the island. Governors Alfonso Durango and Haxi H'mnelquestanaisky also want to turn the island into a large resort island for extremely wealthy people. They want, among other things, a few 5 star hotels and a large casino. for the richest a large villa with its own shop, a cafe and a fun park. Those who want to live here have to pay no less than 30 million euros. Hetb island will be built by the government of Mocrosaïma and a few other compatriots such as Spain, Qatar and even the United Arab Emirates. By the year 2029, the resort island will be ready.

A ruin in Quashiquashi