Free State of Ranshara

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Free State of Ranshara
Ransharan Flag.PNGRansharan CoA.PNG

"By Progress We Unite"
Also Sprach Zarathustra
Spokane, United States
Capital cityOlmepia
Largest cityTBA
Official language(s)American English, Kuhugi
Official religion(s)Religious pluralist
Short nameRanshara
GovernmentUnitary benevolent despotism
- PresidentMax Kasbar
Legislaturenone active
EstablishedAugust 16th, 2012
Area claimedTBA
Currencybarter, US Dollar
Time zonePacific Time Zone (PTZ)
National sportTBA
National animalTBA


The Free State of Ranshara is an American micronation located in Spokane, Washington. It was founded on August 16, 2012, after Kuhugstan was declared defunct. Despite the new state, traditional Kuhugi culture is preserved in Ranshara.


The word "Ranshara" comes from two Kuhugi words: rane meaning "good" and śara meaning "land".


The Free State of Ranshara was founded on August 16, 2012 in order to create a new micronation in which to retain Kuhugi culture. On August 17, the following day, Prairie View Park was annexed into Ranshara and divided into Northwest District, North District and Northeast District, following with nearby land in the following days. It's currently looking for citizens (dual citizenship is acceptable in Ranshara).

Government and Politics

The Free State of Ranshara is ruled by an absolute despot, titled the President-for-Life, with the advice of the Ransharan people. This form of government is used due to the fact that Ranshara's population is too low to elect a legislature. Accordingly, no political parties exist, although citizens are allowed to profess their ideologies.

Law and Order

Currently, the armed forces enforce the law in Ransharan territory.

Foreign relations

The following is a list of friends, allies and other relations:


The military of the Free State of Ranshara is called the Free Rangers of Ranshara, also called the Ransharan Rangers. Currently, all branches of the Free Rangers are under government authority. The Rangers are unarmed. Ranshara has not yet faced military conflict, and does not expect to do so.

Geography and Climate

nearby American land

The area surrounding Ranshara is suburban development, while the undeveloped area is filled with streams, pine trees, semi-arid grassland and hills. The climate can range from hot summers to mildly cold and snowy winters.

Administrative Districts

Map of Ranshara

The Free State of Ranshara is divided into 11 districts and a capital district. Since Ranshara is a unitary nation, the President has complete control over them. Below is a list of districts:

1. Capitol District

2. West District

3. East District

4. Northwest District

5. North District

6. Northeast District

7. Palouse District

8. Kelepśara (keh-lehp-shahr-rah) District

9. Grange District

10. North Grange District

11 Hilomśara (hee-lohm-shah-rah) District



The Free State of Ranshara has no distinct currency and instead relies on barter and American Dollars. However, it is considering using Ransharan-made notes sooner or later.


No exports (yet)


  • Wood



The National Drink (coffee) and Food (hard-boiled eggs)

Customs in Ranshara are derived from the US and the UK.


All education done in Ranshara is by homeschooling, as of now.


The official languages of Ranshara are the American English dialect and the Kuhugi language. There also is an informal dialect that almost sounds like a mixture of both American and British dialects.

The Arts

There are no distinct Ransharan art, although the President is interested in philosophy, religion and acclaimed films.


The media in Ranshara consists entirely of the government-owned Ranshara Media Productions, which functions mainly on the Internet.


The national newspaper of Ranshara is the Ranshara Review, which is online.


The television branch of Ranshara Media Productions, also Internet-based, is called Ransharan Television (R.T.).


There is no public radio service of RMA, as it is empirically impossible for RMA to do.