Free State of Prussia

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Freistaat Preussen
Gott Mit Uns
Official language(s) German, Old Prussian
Capital None Chosen
Date founded May 10th 2010
Number of citizens 2
Number of active citizens 2
Government Democratic Republic
Current leader Stephen von Herford
National animal Eagle

The FSP (Free State of Prussia/ freistaat Preussen) is a micronation that was originally established after the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II and disestablished after the German defeat of WWII by the Allied Control Council. The State has been revived by a native German with strong Prussian roots who is now acting as the head of the Free State of Prussia. The FSP does not see itself a nation but as a reconstituted state.

The FSP has an official website at


2009-10 Re-establishment of Prussia

In 2009 the Volkspraesident felt that long standing Prussian traditions were being watered down in the increasingly Americanised Germany. In addition to the discovery that Prussia was the only state not to be re-established after the Federal Republic of Germany and the DDR were established and eventually united. On the 1st November 2009, the Volkspraesident began rebuilding the Free State of Prussia. After months of using shadow state names, such as the People's Republic of Gruinard, Rumassian Democratic Republic and the New German Republic, the Volkspraesident finally felt the state achieved enough maturity and was re-established on Monday the 10th of May 2010, 53 years after its dissolution.


Prussian territory

The Free State of Prussia spiritually claims all former Prussian territories from 1919 to 1939. Althought the Volkspraesident does accept German sovereignty, according to the provisional basic law of Prussia, land owned by Prussian citizens, while still owned by the said citizen, also constitutes as territory of the Free State of Prussia.

Foreign relations

The FSP is in the business of seeking and continuing foreign relations with other states that share the FSP's ideals of peace, liberty & freedom. It recognises the sovereignty of all nations including:

  • Abkhazia
  • Molossia
  • Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Republic of Minervia
  • Sealand
  • Somaliland
  • South Ossetia
  • Tamel Ealem
  • Tibet


Because of possible threats from Prussia's neighbours, the Volkspraesident has raised a national defence force under the name of the NPA (National

The look for the future NPA

Prussian Army/ Nationale Preussische Armee) Its Branches are:-

  • Landstreitkraefte
  • Streitkraeftebasis
  • Virtuellstreitkraefte

Every man & woman of the FSP has a duty to help defend their nation. Every person after leaving school must do compulsory military, police or state construction service for at least 12 months.

The NPA supports one main combat formation ('Gross Preussen' Regiment) the regiment is made up of three battalions, one of which is fully active supporting a light infantry company and elements of the Streitkraeftebasis.

The website of the military is


design for the future Preussmark

The new Prussia economy is young and is still finding its roots. The state primary form of income is through tax. However, there are plans for a state owned company to export Prussian supported goods.

The SMF (State Ministry of Finance) is currently looking for a new state currency. So far, the nearest contenders for a new currency is the Euro and the Weimar Reichsmark.