Free Rothelam Republic

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Free Rothelam Republic
Motto: "Courage Prevails! Victory, Rothelam!"
Anthem: Battle March of the Confederation
Official languagesEnglish, Luxembourgish
Recognised regional languagesFrench, German
GovernmentMilitant Democratic Republic
J.M. Wilfong
• Total
8.195 km2 (3.164 sq mi)
• 2023 census
CurrencyRothelamian Buck
Time zoneEST

The Free Rothelam Republic, commonly referred to as Rothelam, stands as a self-proclaimed micronation nestled within the territorial confines of the United States, bordered by the states of Virginia and West Virginia. Its inception traces back to March 26, 2018, marking the genesis of a distinct societal entity boasting distinctive principles and practices.

Notable for its distinctive features such as compulsory military service and a prevailing attitude of irreverence towards established religious institutions, Rothelam embodies a society wherein the resilient and diligent populace chart their destinies based solely on individual merit. This dichotomy of success and failure defines a societal structure where achievement often accompanies opulence, albeit tempered by an underlying moralistic compass, while those encountering setbacks contend with societal estrangement.

The governance model of the Rothelam Confederation espouses the principles of a Militant Democratic Republic. Under the current governance paradigm, a semblance of martial law prevails, with the Rothelam Armed Forces entrusted with the twin responsibilities of safeguarding the nation and ensuring adherence to established legal statutes, exerting their influence over the populace.


The name "Rothelam" comes from blending two powerful words: "Ram" and "Lamb." This mix reflects the heart of the micronation. "Ram" stands for strength, resilience, and leadership, showing the toughness and determination found in Rothelam, and "Lamb" represents innocence, kindness, and a peaceful way of being. "Rothelam" combines these ideas, showing a balance between strength and kindness, resilience, and humility. It's a symbol of the nation's values and ambitions.


The inception of Rothelam traces back to March 26, 2018, when it began as a modest Medieval-era County within a nation roleplay framework. Over time, its concept transcended these boundaries, extending its presence into other nation roleplays and a burgeoning worldbuilding server.

A pivotal moment in Rothelam's evolution occurred with the establishment of the Rothelam Discord server on September 30, 2021. Functioning as the primary repository for Rothelam's lore and backstory, this platform served as the cradle for the expansion of Rothelam's community.

Formalizing its status as a sovereign entity, the Republic of Rothelam was formally ratified into existence on March 15, 2022, through the enactment of Executive Order Alpha. Simultaneously, its inaugural website went live, marking a pivotal moment in Rothelam's digital presence.

The trajectory of Rothelam encountered a period of lull and neglect by mid-2022, as the micronation experienced a lapse in attention from its leader, the Präsident.

However, a resurgence of activity emerged in late 2023, culminating in the reconfiguration of the micronation into the Rothelam Confederation. Notably, the Präsident sanctioned its transition into an official nation on November 21. Subsequent days witnessed a flurry of transformations, including a restructuring of the governmental system and an overhaul of the communication infrastructure via an updated Discord server. Plans were set in motion on November 27 to procure a new domain for the government's information system, marking a pivotal step in Rothelam's contemporary evolution. The Confederation would be short-lived, however, as Präsident J.M. Wilfong would soon come to realize that a confederal system is not sustainable within the framework he laid out. Rothelam would go into a short hiatus, and would return to being reworked in January 2024. Präsident Wilfong would denounce his title of Präsident, and would declare Marshal Law on January 28.

Marshal Law would be revoked on February 6, and Wilfong would sign paperwork to finalize the Rothelam transition into the Free Rothelam Republic, naming himself Overmarshal of the Free Rothelam Republic. He would also release the captured territories of the Pantherian Federation, and would rename all states under the nation to match its new identity.

Politics and government

Legislative branch

The Rothelamite government uses a tricameral system called the Confederal Congress that incorporates the Confederal Assembly, Confederal Council, and Confederal Senate.

The Rothelam Confederal Senate serves as the upper house of the legislative system, comprising of 2 representative seats from each state and district. This house is responsible for approving and ratifying international treaties, declaring war, and overseeing the military.

The Rothelam Confederal Council functions as the lower house, with representatives from each state and district proportional to their population. This house is responsible for proposing and passing legislation on domestic issues such as taxation, infrastructure, and healthcare.

The Rothelam Confederal Assembly represents the third house of the legislative system, consisting of representatives elected by the people from each state and district in proportion to their population. It focuses on proposing and passing legislation regarding social issues like education, environment, and civil rights.

Enforcement branch

The President holds the highest position in the Enforcement branch, responsible for signing laws and acting as the head of the Rothelam Armed Forces.

The Vice President serves as the advisor to the President, acts as the speaker of the Confederal Senate, and handles diplomatic affairs. Multiple federal agencies are established to manage specific government affairs, such as education or commerce.

Judicial branch

The Judicial branch is mostly handled by the state governments, however, there is a Confederal Supreme Court that interprets National law.


To ensure stability, the government has a system of checks and balances, where each house of the legislative system has equal power, and no house can pass a law without the approval of the other two. Additionally, the judiciary would be independent and have the authority to interpret and strike down laws that violate the confederal constitution.

Foreign relations

The Free Rothelam Republic has established ties with the Republic of Relixia.

List of recognized sovereign states

The following is a list of nations that Rothelam recognizes as sovereign states.


The Rothelam Armed Forces is composed of the Nationalguarde, Naval Force, Air Corps, and the Marine Corps, serving as the army, navy, air force, and marine branches respectively. Due to martial law being active, the armed forces acts as a police force for the nation.

Geography and climate

The main entrance to the nation.

Climate Averages

Rothelam averages 44 inches of rain, 30 inches of snow, and 200 sunny days per year. The US average values are is 38, 28, and 205, respectively.

Weather Highlights

Summer High: the July high is around 82 degrees.

Winter Low: the January low is 19.

Rain: averages 44 inches of rain a year.

Snow: averages 30 inches of snow a year.


Rothelam's economic strength is Agriculture. Its biggest exports include the sale of live sheep and cattle, as well as marketed meat of those animal types. Rothelam also exports select product, namely tomatoes, corn, and peppers.

Rothelam's currency is the Rothelamian buck, with one buck being roughly equivalent to ~$1.25 USD.

News and media

Rothelam's main source of news comes from RAM News Network, a blog-styled website that gives updates on the latest news of Rothelam. On the media side, Rothelam also has Rothelam Ram Radio, which is accessible through the official Discord. Rothelam Ram Radio plays classic bluegrass music, as well as pre-2000s country music.

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