Free Democratic Party (Atlantis)

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Free Democratic Party

FDP logo.png

We do it for our children
Founder Paweł Dworzycki

Official languages English

Micronation Republic of Atlantis

Established 17 August 2010

Members 1

The Free Democratic Party is a political party within the Republic of Atlantis that was founded by Paweł Dworzycki. The party aims to express its political views without fear of being 'crushed down' by any other political party of the micronation as they believe they are. The Free Democratic Party is open to any citizen of the Republic of Atlantis.

Contributions to Atlants

The Free Democratic Party has helped with the development of the currency, a toolbar, the new website, the current graphic designs on the Atlantis forums, graphic designs for the Ministries, the Football team T-shirts, Stargate Program Forum, the National anthem video, the Military anthem video and more. The Free Democratic Party currently has a single deputy in the Parliament as well as a minister's position, both in fact held by the founder and only member Paweł Dworzycki.