Freblick Soccer Federation

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Freblick Soccer Federation
Freblick flag- official flag of FSF
Official Name:Freblick Soccer Federation
Founder:Eugene Smagin
Tournaments Played:0
MFA Rank:N/A

Freblick Soccer Federation, or FSF, is the national football association of the Freblick. It manages all teams and leagues of Freblick in the following sports: association football, futsal , virtual football, and indoor football.


Freblick has got very hard location to rule all football teams of country, so there are three additional organizations in three Freblickan towns.

Federation Town(s) Teams
Freblick League of Sports FreblickTown,SunRegion,CentralCity 5
Branches Union Branches 2
Freblick-on-Don Football Federation Freblick-on-Don 2