Forestrian Crown Jewels

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Forestrian Crown Jewels
CountryThe Imperial States of Forestria
LocationCuria Ninjoa metro area
 • 2 crowns
 • 1 mantle
 • 1 scepter
 • 2 other
OldestThe Lavensa Ring
NewestImperial State Crown
OwnerForestrian Royal Family
ManagersEmperor Elias

The Forestrian Crown Jewels are the regalia and order of wear the Royal Family of Forestria wears. These include Mantles, Crowns, Jewelry, Medals and other things.


There are many different uses of the Crown Jewels. The Emperor uses them to state visits and other things. Crowns are used in the Coronation ceremony and swords are used in battle. Crowns, mantles, and medals are used in parades.


There are a total of 6 items in the Crown Jewels, including: