Flatlandian Attack on the Reich of Todd

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The Flatlandian Attack on the Reich of Todd was the first officially declared attack because of Nazism.


Todd was a Nazi micronation founded by Ronald Brady, a "Neo-Nazi" of whom had a special hatred for people of African descent.

The beginning

While illegally coming onto a Flatlandian base, with a Tokyo Marui M-14 Mr. Brady was stopped by a Flatlandian officer, and was asked to see military identification. Mr. Brady replied, " I have no identification." Then left. While leaving, he saw an African citizen on Flatlandian grounds. He then shot him. The African man then fled the area, telling the patrol officer of this situation. When the report got to Prime Minister [Brayden Yates], he became furious.

The plan

Yates took maps from the program 'Google Earth' and began planning with his generals.

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