Flag of Occidia

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Flag of Occidia
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Use Civil and state flag and civil ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 12 February 2014
Design A horizontal tricolor of black, white, and red.

The flag of Occidia has three equal horizontal bands of black, white, and red.


Following the dissolution of the New European Empire, the Zározemě Republic was formed as its unofficial successor in December 2013 and then the proclamation of Wilhelm of New Europe as King of Occidia. The question regarding what flag should be adopted by the new micronation was first raised by the provisional legislature and its desire for the nation have an internationally recognisable identity. Virtually all members of the Senat were members of the Freedom Party of New Europe which pushed for symbols associated with Prussia while being situated in the former New European state of Falia. Based on this, T.L. Hamilton, former Imperial Vice-Chancellor, suggested that any planned flag should combine the colors of Prussia (black and white) with the flag of Falia (blue and red). In the same meeting, the monarchy and name change of the nation were enacted, where a horizontal black-white-red tricolour was declared to be both the civil and war ensign. Although color scheme changed were made to the red to distinguish it from the flag of the German Empire of 1871-1918.

Flag variants

National flags

Flag Date Use Description
Westerreich flag.png 2014– National and civil ensign A tricolor, made of three equal horizontal bands coloured black (top), white, and red (bottom).
Westerreich flag (Hanging).png 2014– Hanging national flag


Flag Date Use Description
Westerreich royal standard.png 2014– Standard of the King
Westerreich queen standard.png 2014– Standard of the Queen
Westerreich royal family standard.png 2014– Standard of a Member of the Royal House

Historical flags

Flag Date Use Description
Zározemě flag.png 2013–2014 National flag the Zározemě Republic A white and gold-fimbriated black Nordic cross on a blue field.