King of Occidia

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King of Occidia
König von Westerreich
Westerreich coa.png
Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Occidia
William Hartman-Peters 2010.png
Wilhelm I
since 12 February 2014

Style: His Majesty
Heir apparent: Wilhelm, Occidian Crown Prince
Formation: 2014

The King of Occidia (German: König von Westerreich) is the official title of the head of state and hereditary ruler of the Kingdom of Occidia, beginning with the proclamation of the ex-Emperor of New Europe and President of the Zározemě Republic, Wilhelm I, as "King of Occidia" during the Zározemě Senate, on February 12, 2014.


The order of succession to the Occidian throne has yet to be determined but King Wilhelm stipulates that absolute primogeniture combined with the New European Imperial House Law. Only people descended from Baron Emil II and their descendants are entitled to succeed to the throne.

Heraldry and Standards