Flag of Krzakacja

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Krzakacja National Flag
NameFlaga Narodowa Krzakacji
UseNational flag
Adopted25 April 2021, again 4 August 2021.
DesignThe flag of Lukland shall consist of two stripest he lower band is blue and the upper band is white.
NameRoyal Standard
UseKing flag
Adopted4 January 2022
DesignA red rectangular flag with a golden deer in the center.

The flag of Krzakacja is one of the three national symbols of the Kingdom of Krzakacja. The flag was designed by the King of Krzakacja, Łukasz I.


Kingdom has had 4 official flags throughout its history. The current flag was adopted on August 15, 2020.

First flag

First flag flutters at Szogunpolis.12 may 2020

Kingdom had a flag from the very beginning. First flag was a green circle with a tree on a green background.

Flag Dark blue white and dark blue

Flag shows three stripes: bottom and top - dark blue, and the middle - white. The middle lane is thinner than the rest of the lanes. There is a coat of arms in the center of the flag. There were three flags but the difference was the coat of arms. The flag was modeled on the flag of the Republic of Liberland.

Flag with a fern

King designed the Flag on August 15, 2020 and liked it so much that he introduced it on the same day.

Current flag shows two white and blue stripes. In the center is a blue and white fern leaf and a star is above and below it. The bottom star is white and the top star is blue.

On February 11, information about the planned change of the flag appeared on the website of the information service about Lukland.

White and Blue Flag (Current)

Flag of Lukland (Krzakacja) displayed on mast on the Independence Day of Lukland on 13 may 2021.

King rejected the design of the flag proposed in February due to the large amount of material needed to produce it. From March, the King was looking for fabrics, but found them at the end of April. The flag was sewn a few days later. On April 24, 2021, the King wrote a decree and signed it on National Symbols. The decree came in on April 25 and the flag was hung in Szogunpolis on the same day around 1 p.m.

Historial Flags

Flag froon to
The first flag of lukland.png 12 May 2020 2 July 2020 (de facto)
Old flag Lukland 3.jpg 31 May 2020 2 July 2020
Old flag Lukland 1.png 2 July 2020 ~15 July 2020
Old Lukland Flag 4.png ~15 July 2020 27 July 2020
Lukland flag of lukland.png 27 July 2020 15 August 2020
Flag of Lukland (2020-2021).svg 15 August 2020 11 February 2021 (de facto) 27 April 2021 (de iure)
Flag of Krzakacja.svg 27 April 2021 (Kingdom of Lukland), 4 August 2021 (Kingdom of Krzakacja) 27 July 2021

Flag proposals


Flag of the Kingdom did not come from nowhere. King decided that when he found his own state, it would have a white and blue flag. The flag was modeled on the Marian flag popular among Catholics in Poland or on the flag of Cracow. According to accounts, the King has always liked the white and blue flag. He saw her for the first time in his childhood at a church, and hence the flag of the Kingdom could be mounted.


Scheme Light Blue White
RGB 42-157-244 255-255-255
Hex #03a9f4 #FFFFFF