Federative Republic of Dixie

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Federative Republic of Dixie
Federative Republic of Dixie.png

Et Patriae Communis
Wake County, NC
Capital cityAllburg, Wynnbrooke
Largest citySaxony
Official language(s)English, German
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameDixie
GovernmentAuthoritarian Democracy
- GeneralGeneral Julian Moore
- PresidentHE President Oliver Ramirez
- ChancellorChancellor Bethany Che
LegislatureGeneral Council of Dixie
Area claimed857 mi²
Population35 Estimated
Time zoneEST
National sportSkeet
National animalAmerican Black Bear

The Federative Republic of Dixie is a Authoritarian Democracy founded on June 30, 2015. Originally founded as a neighborhood kid's group, Dixie later became a presidential republic and claimed all of Wake County. It was therefore named The Republic of Wake. The Republic of Wake reformed into the Federative Republic of Dixie as popular opinion and views changed. After 1.5 years of relative peace after the Reforms ended, the Federative Republic, then under Bethany Che, a peaceful coup on the night of August 1, 2017, made contact with the Kingdom of Jupiter. After talks failed between the two relating to territory, the Jovian External Affairs Office partnered with unhappy members of the Grand Council of Dixie and President Rameriz to install a Jovian picked leader. President Julian Moore of the Jovian Senate was picked and after a peaceful transition of power, he became the General of Dixie.

Government and politics

The Federative Republic of Dixie is and Authoritarian Democracy which is based primarily on Leadership of the general, who acts the reigning autocrat and holds most of the power, and the democratically elected officials, The Chancellor and the President. The President Functions as the somewhat alike United States president and is elected by the citizens of the country. The Chancellor Functions as an assistant President and is elected by a the Jovian Senate. The General Council of Dixie Functions as both a Legislative and Judicial Branches of our Government.