Federal Republic of Somcow

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Federal Republic Of Somcowia
Motto: O magnificum foederationis nostrae (English: Oh, our grand federation)
Anthem: Foederationis
and largest city
Somcow City
Official languagesEnglish, French, Russian, Spanish
Demonym(s)Somcowian, Gullic, Pureian, Russian
GovernmentFederal presidential Republic Democratic Republic
• President
Tony Sweigart (ACTING)
Yaniik Spirch (ACTING)
• (as of 2020 census) census
10 (Active Residents) 69 (Total Residents)
Time zone(EST)

The Federal Republic of Somcowia is a micronation founded on November 30 - December 1, 2015, located in North America. The nation's goal is to become a full democratic nation in the furture. The nation's government is called the Federal Government Of The Republic.


Kingdom Era

The nation was founded by Emperor Tony Sweigart and the first Prime Minister Keegan. The nation started under the name of the 9 Clan. The clan was unorganized and merged with the Kingdom Of Somcowia to form the 9 Federation. This period of time is known as the most tyrannical as the Emperor, the cabinet and his inner circle heald most of the power.

Congress Era

This era was founded by creating the Congress where every District in Somcow sent 1 Representative. This brought more activity and democracy with the Prime Minister having more power and appointing there cabinet which included the Head Minister, Head of Economics, Supreme General and Minister of The Navy. During this time the United Micronations (UM) was founded. After Tony was removed he founded the United Socialist Alliance. Later that was dissolved to form the Global Micronational Alliance which was dissolved in August, 2019. This was when a falling our happened between Otto Gillespie Birch and Tony Sweigart happened through many arguments.

Commonwealth Era/First Somcow Civil War

At the start of this period the name Somcowian Federation was made. A bit further through this period a civil war occured; the Occupied Territory Of Spoof rose up and declared independence, and later the District Of Swampia declared themselves the Beechwoodees Empire. Around this same time the wars came to an end with a treaty creating the Federated Commonwealth. The first Chairman was Tony Sweigart, and the first president was Emperor William. This lead to 2 factions being formed: The Independent Republic Of Spoof (Renamed to Slavania) and Somcow forming the United Commonwealth, a faction within the Federated Commonwealth. The second faction is the Swampian Commonwealth which includes Beechwood and their puppets. Around this same time the Kingdom Of New Kiev was formed.

Federation Cold War

This started when the 2 factions formed. During this time the Federated Commonwealth passed a resolution called the Defenders Defense. Basically, the nation that started the war gets sanctioned while the defending nation gets Commonwealth Troops stained in there territory as support. This has caused many threats of war, causing a cold war which lasted with sanctions, spies and assassinations.

Second Somcow Civil War

It started one day when Tony Sweigart, told Emperor William he can do "whatever he wants to Slavania as long as he knows we will try to remain neutral." Then, Beechwood declared war on Slavania making Tony, as Chairman of the Commonwealth, making all no warring nation, aka only somcow, declare sanctions. William was angry and pulled out of the war, beginning a conflict on Somcow, attempting to gain Slavania's support. Instead, Slavania invaded William and joined on Somcow's side. This first battle was the Battle for Swampia, which Somcow Won.

KDL Standoff

On Friday, Tony Sweigart was notified that a member of the New Kiev government was shot on a neutral zone, which was a war crime. Tony recieved word word that they were in hiding in another neutral zone. After some discussion, we agreed to enforce some war crime laws there and in return we would ignore the shorting of a new Kiev member. Both nations claimed to study rooms making those 2 rooms non-neutral zone territories. This meant for lots of kidnapping and raiding of rooms to commence. Around This same time Prime Minister Charlie was removed from office and replaced by Prime Minister Nik. At the end of this standoff the Somcowian government was reformed to its modern system.

Age Of Reform

After the war somcow noticed they need to become more professional and started working on that. They adopted Leftist Tonyism. Later after the University Of Political And Chemical Science was founded a student created Reformed Leftist Tonyism more commonly known as Reformist Tonyism or Reformism. That students was granted the Federation Royal Award Of Excellence and the congress declared Somcow a Reformist Tonyist State. I'd like to remind you Tonyism is its own political spectrum base of the teachings of many famous socialists. Sooner Somcow became to be recognized as a more professional state bringing us into a quickly advancing utopia of a nation.

Province Era

This started at the start of August 2020 when Tony succeeded somcow to the Aspen Empire as a province. A week later a former general of tonys informed him that a majority of active residents did not like being apart of somcow and would like freedom. When aspen denied somcow declared independence as a full democratic federal republic

Republic Era

This is the modern era with somcow forming there own republic and having candidates running all the positions


Executive Branch 1.Supervisor Of State 2:Prime Minister 3.Head Minister 4.Secretary Of Somcow

Congressional Branch 1.Speaker Of Congress 2.Minister Of Government 3.Congress Members 4.Other ministers 5.Department Heads 6. Ministry Of Government Members 7.Ministry Members 8.Department Members

Justice Branch 1.Prime Minister 2.Minister Of Justice 3.Supreme Judge 4.Judge 5.Bailiff 6.Official Jury Member 7.Official Lawyers

Law and order

A court session works with the Chairman Of The Courtroom declaring ti begins. The Chairman Of The Courtroom is usually held by the person who runs this court room like a judge, Supreme Judge or Minister OF Justice. The rest of it operates as the American Justice system. At the end jury votes and the judge has the choice to approve or veto there choice. This can go on 3 times until it moves onto the Supreme Court. Here it works the same but instead if the Supreme judge vetoes the jury 2 times the Minister Of Justice has the final say.

Foreign Relations

Nations Name Status
Known Nation Status
Appalachia Formally Recognized
U.T. Formally Recognized
Kingdom Of Bepistan Formally Recognized
Kingdom Of Misberia Formally Recognized
Aenderian Republic Semi-Recognized [citation needed]
Aeuvenum Formally Recognized
Fesmar/Glynawan/Kenneth's Nations Respected
Elysium Formally Recognized
Manche Formally Recognized
Flandras Formally Recognized
Warsaw Pact Respected
USRG Formally Recognized
PCS Respected
Pascals Nations Formally Recognized


Party Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Seats in Legislature
Tonyist Leftist Union TLU Tony Sweigart Left-wing, Big tent Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Social democracy, Tonyist Socialism
5 / 11
Workers' Party WOR Yannik Far-left Communism, Marxism-Leninism
2 / 11
Peace and Freedom Party PAF Gaia Grìbhinneach Left-wing to far-left Libertarian socialism, Eco-socialism, Feminism, Direct democracy
2 / 11
Ho Chi Minh Party HCM Chau Khang Left-wing Socialism, Ho Chi Minh Thought
1 / 11
Independent IND N/A Centrist N/A
1 / 11



Name Capital Current Governor
Somcowia Somcow City Govoner Tony Sweigart
South Somcow New Rapids Unfillied
ligenhom Lige Unfillied
Pure GrKhan Unfillied
Gull Lake City Unfillied
Lake Atu Unfillied
Maxia Max Villiage Sir Max
Colony Districts
Federal Land Ministry Of Defense Building Minister Of Defense
The Two Nervas City Of Nerva-Somcow Grand Sir Of Nerva
Timberia Villiage Of Timberia Govoner Of Timberia
Colony Of Guinea Pig Tonyium Colonial Governor, Great Sir Nik
Beechwood Swampia Queen Of Beechwood
Occupied Territory