Federal Republic of Sierra

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Die Bundesrepublik Sierra (De)
Federal Republic of Sierra (Eng)
Федрал Републык ов Сиера (Ас)
Coat of arms
Motto: Immer Bereit
Gott Mit Uns
Den Lieben Gott Verehren,To Honor God
Gezüchtet um zu Siegen Bred for Victory
Anthem: de facto Panzerlied
Johnny Comes Marching Home (Instrumental)
Auferstanden Aus Ruinen (Instrumental)
Deutschlandlied (Instrumental)
File:Nation surrounded by Las Vegas, Nevada USA and territory in Louisiana, USA, Akebar ,UK , and parts of Antarctica.
CapitalEntrance Arch
Official languagesGerman, English, Anglocyrillic, New German
GovernmentFederated Representative Democratic Triarchy
• Kaiser-President
Jaceb Kilpatrick
Establishment4th August, 2011
• Census
CurrencySierran Reichsmark (SRM), United States Dollar (USD)
Time zone(PST) Pacific Standard Time
Preceded by
Succeeded by
United States
Empire of Kleinebayern

The Federal Republic of Sierra is an unrecognized state in North America and is ruled as an Federated Representative Democratic Triarchy. The Federal Republic of Sierra was founded in 2011 and is an germanic nation.


Sierra can trace it's lineage back to the Confederate Union, which was dismantled after awhile by teachers for it's secessionist views. The Great Republic of Sierra was founded with a non-formal constitution, and was very active in its own borders without any contact with other micronations. On August 22, 2011, President David of the Republic of Ultamiya, accepted an alliance and a National Holiday was created, called Sierra-Ultamiya Day, in celebration of this first alliance. President Jaceb Kilpatrick later joined the Ultamian website to stay in contact with the Republic of Ultamiya. In late December, the Tax Act of December, 2011 was enacted with the rate of three US dollars (twelve Sierran marks) per month. Mid-December, The Sierran President joined the YouTube micronational community. On April 14, 2012, Sierra co-founded the MicroWiki Republican Army (MikroWiki Republikanische Army) with Monovia, the Lurk Federation, Domanglia, and Aryavart. The organization was responsible for the revival of MicroWikia. The organization was dissolved after the restoration was complete. 7 August 2012, the Great Republic of Sierra joins the Crusade of the Eternal Purge. 28 August 2012, the Great Republic of Sierra becomes a Beobachterstaat (Observer-State) of the Saxon Empire. On 23 January 2013, The Great Republic of Sierra officially transitioned into the Federal Republic of Sierra The Federal Republic of Sierra is currently focused on building relations with other micronations. The Federal Republic of Sierra is considered a 5th World Nation according to the Boodlesmyth-Tallini System.


The Sierran government is an Federated Representative Democratic Triarchy made up a President , which is the head of government, a Imperial Minister , which assists the President, and a Governor , which is in charge of helping the President with internal affairs.


The old currency was the Sierran Mark and was pegged to the US 25 cent coin (quarter), until the currency was reformed on July 30, 2012 into the Sierran Reichsmark which is pegged to 1/850 of an ounce of gold, being more valuable than even the British Pound.

Administrative Divisions

Name: Flag: Notes:
Entrance Arch The capital, the President's house, and the National Archives, containing the Articles of the Republic (the constitution). This is the smallest territory.
Düsseldorf This is the second territory, and the Imperial Minister's residence. Second grassiest region in the whole of the G.R.S.
Große-Düsseldorf The largest population and where the Governor lives, as well as most of the population.
East Sierra Located inside of Louisiana,this is the grassiest region.
Friedrichstadt A military territory, with Fort Darzev located on it, is a hill, and the only region exempted from the Passport Act.
Neue Brittania A territory located inside the United Kingdom

Sierran Colonies

Name: Flag: Notes:
Denver Colony Didn't become a territory, because it was above the macronation of the United States of America
Sierralische Antarktische Kolonie This is the coldest area in Sierra.