Empire of Kleinebayern

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Das Kaiserreich Kleinebayern (De)
The Empire of Kleinebayern (Eng)
Þæt Heafodrice Lytelbægern (OE)
Coat of arms
Motto: Immer Bereit
Gott Mit Uns
Den Lieben Gott Verehren (To Honor God)
Gezüchtet um zu Siegen (Bred for Victory)
Anthem: Kleinebayernlied (Imperial and Official)
File:Nation surrounded by Las Vegas, Nevada USA and territory in Louisiana, USA, Scotton ,UK , and parts of Antarctica.
CapitalEntrance Arch
Official languagesGerman, English, Old English (Anglo-Saxon)
GovernmentAbsolute Triarchy
Establishment17th July, 2013 (as Kleinebayern)
4th August, 2011 (as Sierra)
• Census
CurrencyKleinebayerische Reichsmark (KRM) official
United States Dollar (USD) de facto
British Pound Sterling (GBP) de facto
Time zone(PST) Pacific Standard Time
Preceded by
Great Republic of Sierra

The Empire of Kleinebayern is a micronation in the United States.


Kleinebayern's name comes from the German language and can be translated into English as either Small Bavaria, Little Bavaria, or the official state translation: Lesser Bavaria.



Sierra can trace it's lineage back to the Confederate Union, which was dismantled for it's secessionist views.

The Great Republic of Sierra was founded with a non-formal constitution, and was very active within its own borders without any contact with other micronations.

On August 22, 2011, President David of the Republic of Ultamiya, accepted an alliance and was Sierra's first alliance.

In late December, the Tax Act of December, 2011 was enacted with the rate of twelve Sierran marks per month.

Mid-December, The Sierran President joined the YouTube micronational community.

On April 14, 2012, Sierra co-founded the MicroWiki Republican Army (MikroWiki Republikanische Army) with Monovia, the Lurk Federation, Domanglia, and Aryavart. The organization was responsible for the revival of MicroWikia. The organization was dissolved after the restoration was complete.

7 August 2012, the Great Republic of Sierra joined the Crusade of the Eternal Purge which ended on the 13th of August that same year.

28 August 2012, the Great Republic of Sierra became a Beobachterstaat (Observer-State) of the Saxon Empire.

On 23 January 2013, The Great Republic of Sierra officially transitioned into the Federal Republic of Sierra


Due to an extreme amount of inactivity in the citizenry, the Kaiser-Präsident decided to dissolve the Federal Republic of Sierra. In it's place, Kleinebayern was formed, relinquishing it's Territories of Große-Düsseldorf and Düsseldorf. A more contiguous Territory is to be achieved.

After the Treaty of York, Kleinebayern joined its West Germanian allies in a war against New Israel on 21 July 2014.

Kleinebayernische Territories

Territories make up the largest political body of Kleinebayern outside of the government of the nation. Larger territories are lead by Erzherzoge (Archdukes), while smaller ones are lead by Herzoge (Dukes), and smaller ones still are lead by Grafe(Counts). Therefore, the territories, depending on their leader, become Erzherzogtume, Herzogtume, or Grafschafte. Titles after that are 'Freiherr' or 'Freifrau,' or simply, 'Herr' or 'Frau.' There are no titles under that.

Kaiser Jakob I on top of Friedrichstadt with the Las Vegas Strip in the backround

Hauptstadt Entrance Arch

Hauptstadt Entrance Arch (de: Hauptstadt Eingang Bogen) serves as the capital of Kleinebayern and was also the capital of Kleinebayern's predecessor; Sierra. From 21 December 2013 - 10 January 2014, Entrance Arch was renamed 'Entrance Arch Interim' in which the capital's territory was to be changed to a different location, in which it was to annex the new capital's territory and claim both the old and to-be new capital. The interim capital was dissestablished as the old capital was completely removed from Kleinebayerische possesions.

Flag of Hauptstadt Entrance Arch, as well as the interim capital

Herzogtum East Sierra

The flag of Herzogtum East Sierra

Herzogtum East Sierra (de: Herzogtum Ostsierra) is a territory located in the American state if Louisiana, within the City of Monroe.


Friedrichstadt is a military territory located approximately 5.5 kilometers from Hauptstadt Entrance Arch. This territory includes Fort Darzev, a defensive formation of rocks. It is governed by the Kleinebayerische Streitkräfte Kabinett, the military cabinet of Kleinebayern.

Erzherzogtum Neue Brittania

Erzherzogtum Neue Brittania (de: Erzherzogtum Neue Brittanien) is a territory located inside of the Scotton Region inside of the United Kingdom.

Kleinebayernische Colonies

Sierralische Antarktische Kolonie is a colony located in Antarctica, and is the vastest area in the nation.

Official Holidays

Name: Date: Notes:
New Year's Day 1 January N/A
German Foundation Day 18 January Celebrates the founding of Germany and the German Empire
Easter [1] Varies N/A
Reestablishment Day 17 July Celebrates the dissolution of Sierra and the foundation of Kleinebayern
National Day 4 August Celebrates the founding of Sierra
Germania Day 13 August Celebrates the victory of the Crusade of the Eternal Purge
Halloween 31 October N/A
Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday in November Celebrated with American customs
Christmas Day 25 December N/A
New Year's Eve 31 December Celebrated with Fireworks


Branch: Flag: Notes: Anthem:
Reichsheer Serves as the army. Translates to 'Army of the Realm' Heia Safari
Reichsgrenzpolizei Border guard Die Wacht am Rhein
Ausländerkorps Foreign volunteers Unser Liebe Fraue