Federal Party of Saint Charlie

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Federal Party of Saint Charlie
Convergenza federale di San Charlie
LeaderNone (Collective leadership)
FoundedJune 8, 2016
Reactionary federalism
Political positionBroad church
Official coloursBlue
Seats in Parliament
0 / 10
0 / 6
Seats in local assemblies
0 / 14

The Federal Party of Saint Charlie is a planned political movement that supports returning to the status quo ante Saint Charlie. Currently the party is not active, as all party members do not hold Saint Charlian Citizenship.


The Federal Party receives their name from the support of Federalism, something opposed by the Socialists. The Italian name, Convergenza federale di San Charlie, which means Federal Convergence of Saint Charlie, confers a message of hope and freedom against the New Socialist Party regime.


The Federal Party has a relatively vague platform, because the party hopes to attract many voters. However, the party strongly opposes the New Socialist Party, the Federation of Atlantis, and Alexander Eastwood. The also demand recognition of the non-Italophone communities work in the country and the promotion of an active online presence for Saint Charlie.