Excelsior-Dylanland War

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The Excelsior-Dylanland war was a conflict between Excelsior and the secessionist state of Dylanland.

At 8:32 AM on the morning of April 8, 2021, senators Camille H. and Dylan Y, and associate justice Rand H seceded from the republic of Excelsior, forming their own state, Dylanland. This action was immediately retaliated against by the government of excelsior by declaring war, and exiling the secessionists. The most major battle of the war was when the state of Dylanland physically kidnaped the president of Excelsior, Silas W., and held him hostage. The secessionists demanded a ceasefire in return for the president. This crisis was resolved in the battle of Dylan, which lasted 3 hours, and which both Excelsior and Dylanland claim to have won.

The official news of the war was transmitted to the chancellor through a video from the president he recorded in secret while he was being held hostage, with him saying:

"Um, uh, Nico, I was at their [the citizens who seceded] house when the declaration of war was declared and now I'm being held hostage. there's an emergency in Excelsio- Dylan! No! Nooo!" at which his phone was taken from him and the recording ended.

The Chancellor of Excelsior, Nicolas W., staunchly refused to surrender, but finally did, on the terms that Dylanland would gain independence but not be recognized as sovereign. The president was released after the ceasefire was agreed, but immediately after war was declared by Excelsior again. It is unknown what the strength of the military of Dyalnland is in soldiers. However, intelligence from the president states that there are three citizens in the country.

Dylanland self-described itself as an independent terrorist-group-state.

On May 21, a surrender was negotiated by president silas, and Excelsior was declared the victor. There were no casualties.

In the aftermath, Dylanland was dissolved and dylanlandian excelsioran Ex-pats were re-instated as citizens.