Eugenio de Namayan

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Eugenio de Namayan
Rajah (King) of Namayan, Overseer of the Prefectures of Namayan, King of Ariana, King of Treisia
King of Namayan
Reign18 June 2016 - 15 September 2016
PredecessorMonjer I
SuccessorOffice Abolished
King of Treisia
Reign26 June 2016 - 15 September 2016
PredecessorKarlos I
SuccessorOffice Abolished
Born1994 (age 29–30)
ReligionIglesia ng Caldero
Servant of Servants

Eugenio de Namayan
3rd Prime Minister of Namayan
Elected office
1 April 2015 - 8 October 2015
Predecessor Timothy Laranang
Successor Monjer Camama
4th Chairperson Ordinary of Ariana
Elected office
17 May 2014 - 20 July 2014
Predecessor Aliana Almazan
Successor Timothy John Laranang
1st Chairperson Ordinary of Ariana
Elected office
17 June 2013 - 6 March 2014
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Timothy John Laranang
Prefect of Darvinopolis
Assumed office
6 April 2014 - 29 September 2014
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Office Dissolved
Personal information
Born 1994
Citizenship Namayan, Filipino
Ethnicity Tagalog and Waray
Political party Kilusang Makabayan ng Namayan (Namayan People's Action Party) (defunct)
Residence Imperial House of Humility, Darvinopolis
Profession Writer
Committees Environmental Committee
Favorite Philosophy Stoicism
IQ 113[1]
Favorite Food Dark Chocolate

Eugenio de Namayan (born May 1994) is a Filipino writer, social freethinker, and former King of Namayan. He is the author of The Imperial-Federal Philippines, a historical fiction piece depicting the progress of the Philippines under a benevolent dictator. This literary work, along with his deep interest in political science, allowed him to appreciate micronationalism and serve as a government official of the Rajahnate of Namayan.

In 12 June 2013, his long time friend invited him to join the latter's newly-established realistic micronation. Eugenio would later serve as the Chairperson Ordinary from 17 July 2013 until his resignation last 6 March 2014. Hailing from Marikina City, he is also an environmentalist and an autodidact historian specializing in Antiquity-era history and ecclesiastical history.

On 6 March 2014, Eugenio announced that he will leave his position due to multiple personal reasons. After a two-day interregnum, Eugenio was succeeded by Area III First Councillor Timothy John Laranang. He ran for the position of Chairperson Ordinary (CPO) in the Ariana May 2014 elections, and won the 4th term position by a vote of 19-18, allowing him to serve as CPO until the term ended last 20 July 2014.

On 1 October 2014, Eugenio and the Lequia Revolutionary Forces transformed the State of Ariana into the Rajahnate of Namayan.


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