Treisia Prefecture

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This page is about the prefecture. For the now-defunct kingdom, see Kingdom of Treisia.
Treisia Prefecture

Prefecture of Namayan
Motto: Quia Gloria et Honore Sempiterna
Latin: For Honor and Glory Forever
Parts of Antipolo City, Philippines
CapitalHalyden Town
Founded26 June 2016
Population3 residents
Area66.75 sq. km
GovernmentConstituent prefecture
PrefectIsco Yabes II

Treisia Prefecture (Filipino: Prefektura ng Treisia), is a component province of the Rajahnate of Namayan. Its area of influence is situated in the Philippines, covering an area of 66.75

The prefecture claims to be the continuation of the Kingdom of Treisia, the latter dissolving on 3 November 2014. Rajah Darvinos I of Namayan currently claims succession rights to the kingdom, taking the title "King of Treisia".


Treisia came from the name, Treila, a character from the Japanese anime and manga series, Gunslinger Girls, and the addition of the latin suffix "-ia" which literally means, "The Realm of Treila". This was also done to serve as a reference to the personal hobbies of the former King of Tresia, Karlos I.