Ernish-Hood War

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Ernish-Hood War
DateDecember 3rd - 5th, 2019
Result Ernish Victory
Ernish Union flag.png Ernish Union
PrussinaFlag.PNG Prussina
Hood rebels.png 1st Hood Empire
Flag of Katarima.png Katarima

The Ernish-Hood War was a conflict that lasted 2 days and ended in Ernish victory.

Course of the War

The 1st Hood Empire declared war on the Ernish Union on December 3rd, 2019.[1] Katarima then declared war on Ernland in support of the Hood. That same day Prussina declared war on Katarima for declaring war on Ernland.[2] The war ended when the 1st Hood Empire collapsed into civil war on December 5th.[3]