Erik I of Hanover

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Arms of His Majesty the King
King of Dor-Amarth
Reign 14 April 1985 – present
Inauguration 31 October 2014
Predecessor Melvin I
Heir apparent HRH The Prince of Korio
Spouse Queen Cherie of Dor-Amarth (2000–present)
Prince Edward of Dor-Amarth
Full name
Harold Erik fitzHarold DeWhyte
House Dor-Amarth royal house|House of DeWhyte]]
House of Ozenne
Father Harold Clarence FitzLewis DeWhyte, Viscount White
Mother Nina Jean Ozenne, Baroness of Ninerocks

Erik I was born in Seattle and is the eldest child of Nina, Viscountess White and Harold Clarence FitzLewis DeWhyte, Viscount White. He held the title Baron of Sarthe by courtesy from 28 February 1967 until 14 April 1985 when he became Duke of Ozenne.

Military ranks

Royal Glennish Navy
  • Commander (May 2013 – 1 March 2014)
  • Admiral of the Fleet (1 March 2014 – Present)
House of the Dragon
  • Field Marshal - Dragon Guards (1985–Present)
  • Admiral of the Fleet (1996–Present)
Molossian Navy Republic of Molossia
  • Admiral (2011–Present)

Erik I of Hanover
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Alexandra I, Queen of Glennain
King of Dor-Amarth