House of DeWhyte

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House of Bekbulatov
Parent houseHouse of Rurikovych, House of Gediminas, House of Çoban Giray, House of Jochi, House of Komnenos
CountryFlag of Pavlov.jpg Empire of Pavlov
EthnicityTatar, Crimean Tatar, Ruthenian, Turkish, Phanariot, Bulgar, Polish, Dutch and Lithuanian
as House of Rurikovich
Current headHIH Duke Alexander
Title(s)a • Duke of Thrace
 • Autocrat of the Romans
 • Khagan of the Two Lands and Two Seas
Style(s)Imperial Highness
Estate(s)Flag of Pavlov.jpg Harlemum Kremlin

The House of DeWhyte (Ukrainian: Будинок Девайта) is a micronational royal and imperial house of mostly ethnic English and French origin, that currently reigns over the Empire of Pavlov.


The House consists of all those who are descended from Emperor Ivan VII. There are currently three living members (underlined) of the House of DeWhyte proper:

  • HIH Emperor-Grandfather Ioann Albertovych m. HIH Emperor-Grandmother Ioanna Khendrykivna

Bold - Born into the House of Bekbulatov
Italic - Extended Imperial House
- Deceased


The House of DeWhyte claims descent from various royal and imperial dynasties. The royal descent of the House of DeWhyte is both through the paternal and maternal lines, with most of the descent coming through the marriage of Tsar Simeon II Bekbulatovich and his Rurikid wife Princess Anastasia Ivanovna Mstislavskaya (a great-great granddaughter of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow. The House of DeWhyte can also claim the Altan urag, meaning "Golden lineage" as a direct descendant of Genghis Khan through paternal and maternal lines.



Following the abdication of Emperor Alexander IV on 17 February 2022 and the ascension of Emperor Ivan VII of the House of DeWhyte, the house of Bekbulatovych ceased reigning over Pavlov. However, the former Emperor was granted the hereditary title of Duke of Thrace by the new monarch and retained the title of Imperial Highness, as well as the claim to the titles of Autocrat of the Romans and Khagan of the Two Lands and Two Seas.