Empire of Escova

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Empire of Escova

Imperial Flag of Escova.jpg Imperial Coat of Arms.jpg
Flag (left) and coat of arms (right)

Motto Nothing can harm us when God leads us.
Anthem Escova the Brave
Official Religion Christianity
Official Language(s) English, German
Government Absolute Monarchy
Emperor Garrett I

Established November 12, 2010

Capital city Imperial Center

Population 24
Language English
Official Currency Escovan Pound

"We are an Empire ruled by the majority! An Empire ruled by a new Constitution! An Empire of laws, not of politicians! An Empire devoted to the preservation of a just society. Of a safe and secure society! We are an Empire that will stand, united, against ALL enemies'!" -'''Excerpt from speech to Government by Garrett the First. 2/16/11.

The Empire of Escova is a Micronation created on November 12, 2010. It is mostly within the state of Washington and around the greater Seattle area. Its ruler is His Imperial Majesty Emperor Garrett the First. It currently has diplomatic relations with the Montosh Empire.


Founding the Kingdom of Garresroom

The Empire of Escova was founded on the 12th of November in the year of our Lord 2010, under the name 'Kingdom of Garresroom'. This Kingdom, headed by King Garrett the First, and nobles Davies and Mannery, declared independence from the United States of America and declared itself a sovereign country. The Charter of Rights and Independence of Garresroom, was made on the 14th of November, 2010, and guarenteed the rights of the kingdom to its subjects.

Reorganization into the Empire of Escova

The Kingdom of Garresroom was declared unstable, and the current form of government unable to function properly by its monarch, King Garrett the First. Following this statement, and a gathering of a council of nobles, with founders Davies and Mannery in attendance, formally abolished the Kingdom of Garresroom on the 29th of November 2010, and replaced it with the much stabler Empire of Escova, with King Garrett declared Emperor Garrett the First of Escova. No coup, took place, and the Empire enacted new laws and changed the Imperial Charter. The Empire then set forth aquiring new territory.

Early History as an Empire

The Empire of Escova quickly flourished under its new government, and entered a new age of discovery, and growth. The Empire subjegated new territory, created new offices, enacted new laws, and a high sense of patriotism was high in the Empire. The Empire celebrated its first Christmas on the 25th, and its first New Year on the 1st. By January 2, the Empire was home to 10 subjects/citizens.

The Golden Age

On the 10th of January, of 2011, the Emperor, Garrett Boyd, who is currently a sophomore at Shorewood Christian School in Seattle, brought the Empire to school, as it were, as a project, and subsequently over 15 people called for citizenship into the Empire. Each swore an oath to the Emperor, and were accepted into the realm. In the weeks following the 10th, the Empire swelled to over 23 citizens, and expanded its territory signifigantly, with citizens pledging their land and territory to the Empire. In this time the Empire's territory expanded to include 3 houses, 2 room size territories, and a Imperial Yacht, H.I.M.S. Coin Operated. On the 22nd of December 2010, a navy was also added to the Empire's posessions, a dock and 2 ships of the line were given to the Empire, along with a Room for the Admiralty. The subject who gave these was Mr. Austin, and accordingly, was given the title and rank of Fleet Admiral, Lord of the Admiralty, along with the command of the new Escovan Navy.

The Dark Times

Around the 2nd week of January, 2011, the Empire was under pressure from new threats, both external and internal. The latter was relaxation of laws, and a period of inactivity, even the Emperor was neglecting his Imperial duties. The external threat was a rival micronation, the Dictatorial Republic of Minato, under its self-proclaimed dictator, Generalissimo Higashi. Higashi and his nation, which was far smaller than Escova but at that time more active, started corrupting the minds of Escova's subjects with lies and deceit, and it was thougth that war would be declared within the week, however, no real conflict came. The Emperor and his council stayed silent, provoking this threat to grow and become a real adversary to the Empire and all it stood for. This period of darkness lasted for a around 2 weeks. And there were some who thought the Empire was absolved.

Imperial Resurgence

On the 28th of January, The Emperor, Garrett I, finally woke up to the chaos that had surrounded his Empire, and with the help of Dukes Mannery and Davies, set about revitalizing the stricken Escovan Empire. They first cleaned up corruption, and creating a more stable government system, with titles set apart from actual offices. Duke Erik Mannery was declared the Lord Mannery, and given Viceroyship of Wielfald, one of the Empire's two districts. Duke Andrew Davies was declared the Lord Davies and given Viceroyship of Veregard, the farthest of the Empire's districts. The Emperor sent his personal dignitary, Duke Andrew, to address the threat of Minato. Upon personally meeting with Generalissimo Higashi of Minato, the Generalissimo was reportedly was stubborn and unreasonable, claiming Escova was a vile country full of fools and was unable to function properly. Upon Duke Andrew proposing a peaceful end to negotiations, Generalissimo Higashi rejected it, claiming, "Perhaps, but not now". Then the Empire experienced a sudden period of inactivity from the Kingdom of Minato, and speculated on whether General Higashi was biding his time, or a governmental overthrow had taken place.

Modern Times

By the 2nd of January, 2011, the Empire was having a major reorganization of offices, the council, and titles, but overall, is becoming stronger and more secure. The Empire has established diplomatic ties with the Montosh Empire on the 3rd of February, 2011, the first of all outside micronations to contact the Empire, besides the country of Minato. On the 3rd of February, the Emperor made several changes to the Imperial Charter, guarenteeing a stabler government. On the 10th of February, the Emperor's dignitary met with Generalissimo Higashi, now more open to a peace and recognition treaty, for at this time both countries didnt recognize each other as nations.

Treaty with Minato

On the 12th of February, 2011, the Empire of Escova, with Emperor Garrett and Duke Erik, the Viceroy of Wielfald present, signed a non-aggression treaty with the Minatian Government, with Generalissimo Higashi signing the treaty as well. The pact was created to ease tension between these two countries, as Generalissimo Higashi now seemed to want a more peaceful relationship with the Empire.

Line of Succession 

The Emperor of Escova, in the occasion that he becomes indisposed, or unavailable to complete his duties, the throne will be succeeded by the Crown Prince, if the Crown Prince is in the same category as the Emperor, the Lord High Chancellor will succeed. If the Lord High Chancellor is also unavailable, the Director General of the Armed Forces will succeed. If all the before mentioned are unavailable, the Empire will be split into a coregency, in which the two Dukes of the Realm both hold the throne until the Emperor is fit, or one of the senior ministers is able to return.

Politics in the Empire of Escova

See Politics in the Empire of Escova

The Empire of Escova has a complex yet effective command and control structure. Since the government is an absolute monarchy, the command structure is split into two categories, ministers and nobles.


See Armed Foces of the Empire of Escova

The Escovan Armed forces are headed by the Commander-In-Chief, His Imperial Majesty Garrett the First.  The Escovan Armed forces consist of three branches, the Imperial Escovan Guard, the Imperial Escovan Marines, and the Imperial Escovan Navy.

 Awards and decorations of the Empire of Escova

See Awards and decorations of the Empire of Escova

The Empire of Escova has a main order of knighhood, the Imperial Order of the Escovan Cross, and is currently trying to maufacture it. Other medal designes are pending.


The Empire of Escova rest largely within the State of Washington in the United States of America. As such, the Empire is completly surrounded by the U.S., with the exception of Fleet Admiral Regiers naval dockyard, which rests in Puget Sound. The Empire has three districts, the Imperial District, which consists of the Imperial Palace, the Admirals quarters, and the Imperial Gardens. The Imperial District is home to the capital city of Escova, Imperial Center, where is also the location of the Imperial Palace. Another district is the Veregard District, under the supervision of Viceroy Andrew, the Earl Davies, wheren the city of Vir is located. The last is the Wielfald District, headed by Viceroy Erik, the Earl Mannery. Both Viceroy's answer to the Imperial District, and to the Emperor. The Veregard District is the farthernmost of the Empire's holdings, but good communication has been established back to the Imperial Palace.

National Escovan Holidays

Name Description Date
Escovan Independence Day The Day the Charter of Rights and Laws was put into effect, creating what was to become the Empire of Escova. November 12
Empire Day The Day that Escova was declared an Empire and Garrett I crowned Emperor November 29
Navy Day The Day that the Imperial Escovan Navy was created. December 22
Christ Day The Day when Christ was born. Known as 'Christmas' outside the Empire. The first holiday the Empire celebrated. December 25
Guards Day The Day that the Imperial Escovan Guard was created. February14th

Symbols, Phrases, Motto, and Styles

NATIONAL MOTTO: Deo Dvcente Nil Nocet- Nothing can harm us when God leads us.


NATIONAL ANTHEM: Escova the Brave



NATIONAL VIRTUES- Honor, strength, valor, faith.


FORMAL STYLE OF TITLE FOR THE EMPEROR: His Royal Highness, by the Grace of God ruler of the Escovan's, Protector of the Realm, Sovereign Ruler of the Empire of Escova.

INFORMAL STYLE OF TITLE FOR THE EMPEROR: His Royal Highness, or His Majesty.

FORMAL STYLE OF THE NAME OF THE EMPIRE: The Sovereign Empire of Escova.