Decorations and medals in the Empire of Escova

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Imperial Order of the Holy Cross

The Imperial Order of the Holy Cross is the main order in the Empire of Escova. This decoration has form, but the government of Escova is currently working on a design that can hopefully be manufactured. The Order's main purpose is to recognise the efforts and contributions of individuals that have gone above and beyond the call of duty. The Imperial Order of the Escovan Cross is split up into three groups:
Imperial Order of the Holy Cross, 1st Class Star.pngImperial Order of the Escovan Cross, 1st Class (Grand Knight Commander) Badge.

1. Grand Knight Commander- the highest award in the Order. Awarded to the monarch or in special cases, to a citizen who has gone far beyond and above the call of duty.

2. Knight Commander- the 2nd highest class of the Order. Awarded to citizens who have served the Empire wholeheartedly.

3. Knight- The most common form of the Order, awarded to citizens of the Empire, or citizens of other micronations who have displayed exemplory service to aid the Empire.

Notes on the Order

The Order of the Escovan Cross can be awarded to foreign dignitaries or foreign heads of state. However, only the class of Knight (3rd class) may be awarded, as the classes above that of Knight require full Escovan citizenship to obtain. The only Order of the Escovan Cross badge in existence is owned by the Emperor of Escova, Garrett the First.

Other Decorations

As of 2/16/11, the Empire of Escova is trying to create new awards and decorations.