Empire of Constantidium

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Empire of Constantidium

Flag of the Constantidian Empire.pngCoat of arms of Constantidian Empire.png
Coat of Arms

Στο δεξί
(my right)

Imperial March

CapitalFlag of psatura.png St Michael
Official language(s)Karamanli Turkish
Official ReligionHoly Church of the
Thirteen Apostles

GovernmentFederal Absolute Monarchy
- EmperorIōannēs I

LegislatureCouncil of Nobles
- Type - Unicameral
- Seats - 5

EstablishedNovember 1, 2013

The Empire of Constantidium, also known as Constantidium, is an autonomous nation-like entity which claims to be a sovereign state, but is more commonly, mostly by external observers, known as a micronation. Empire of Constantidium is governed as a Federal Absolute Monarchy, with claimed territory in Antarctica, Asia and Europe, it was established in it's current form on November 1, 2013.

The Empire of Constantidium is a “Fifth world” micronation with a score of 10 under the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System.


Pre-Constantidian Montrouge

Montrouge was first founded on December 2, 2012 by the then Princess, Nina I, and the then King of Pavlov, it was decided upon by it's Princess that Montrouge was to become under the protection of the Kingdom, but to keep it's full sovereignty, it was then decided that Montrouge was to become a Protecorate of Pavlov. Being a protectorate of the Kingdom of Pavlov for 4 months, Montrouge was being slowly developed by it's Princess and government, But then it was announced by the king of Pavlov that Pavlov was to merge with Lostisland and that Montrouge was no longer bound by treaty as a protectorate. Nina I, having limited experience with government, became inactive, and so did the rest of the state. In 2013, the former king of Pavlov, revived the Principality and was appointed as successor by the Princess of Montrouge.

Pre-Constantidian Psatura

Psatura was first established as the Tsardom of Psatura, which was ruled by two co-rulers, on the establishment of the Çiçek Soviet Socialist Republic it was annexed by the Socialist forces of the Republic. Later it was on the formation of the Kingdom of Cvetosadovo removed from it's claimed territory and later became part of the Federation.

Pre-Constantidian Cvetosadovo

Cvetosadovo was first established as the Federal Republic of Güldağ, which contained 3 federations (Lalezar, Yenişehir and Frieden), a couple of weeks after joining the Federal Republic, citizens in the Federation of Frieden started a revolution, which was secretly led by the governor of the federation named Jacob Lewis, after the revolution suddenly ended, a trial was started by the Supreme Judge against the Governor on the subjects of High Treason and Rebellion, Jacob Lewis was found guilty and he was striped of his citizenship, the Federation of Frieden was forced to secede and the remaining two federation formed a unitary republic named the Republic of Cvetosadovo. On the 29th of October Cvetosadovo seceded from the Ashukov Federation.

Pre-Constantidian Hasanistan

Government & Administration

The Empire of Constantidium is a Monarchy, the Emperor and the Duke of St Michael play a central role in the state's politics, the Emperor having in theory full control over the state.


In the Empire of Constantidium the monarch in theory has absolute power over the state, in practice most laws need to pass the Council of Nobles before being brought to the Monarch, the Duke of Saint Micheal, the capital of Constantidium, functions as the right hand of the monarch and is able to, in the name of the monarch, pass some laws and decrees. Succession is handled by male preference primogeniture, the monarch is able to include nobility into the line of succession. HIH Mirza, Prince of Coton-Sur-Mer being the current heir to the throne.

Crown Territories

The Empire consist of multiple federal regions, known in the Empire as Crown Territories, spread over Europe, Asia and Antarctica each having it's own local government.

Name Registered
Head of region Majority Religion
Principality of Coton-Sur-Mer 9 HIH Mirza, Prince of Coton-Sur-Mer Constantidian Apostolic Church
Duchy of Montrouge 2 HIH Alexandra, Duchess of Montrouge Constantidian Apostolic Church
Republic of Hasanistan 10 HG Tanju, Prince of Hasanistan Islam (Sufi and Sunni )
County of Bois de Soif 5 HIH Demraz, Count of Bois de Soif Constantidian Apostolic Church
Principality of Psatura 4 TBA Constantidian Apostolic Church